Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


7. Redemption

Rey widened her Eyes shocked to hear what he had said, but ho- how?, Rey as he sighed you never came back to Luke first you were corrupted once more by the Army resulting in you wiping out Luke and them they never knew it was you while the Blast was superior enough to target a specific area while you slashed Luke & Kylo and a few others you left while they were wiped and destroyed this will happen if you stay after your final training you need to find Luke again.

Rey nodded, Padme I know your angry bu-, ANAKIN HE KILLED OUR DAUGHTER! she Screamed in frustrated, Anakin knew there was no way to change what she was doing he nodded then disappeared, Padme rolled her eyes and continued her Revenge, People have heard our Message sir, Good all is going according to Plan as he looked at the Sky, Get my Fleet ready we will do it again, as the Commander put his head down and turned around getting the Weapon ready, Chewy confused to how The Mother of Skywalker had survived Naboo's Fall, Luke came in and spoke, what's wrong chewy?, (Raawwwwrr) She had left in a Ship a Few Days before it's fall, (Rawrrrr) I know Chewy it is strange but we need as many People as we can and well she's my Mother, as he got up and left the Room, Chewy sat there, Kylo was piloting the Falcon and Luke became the Co-Pilot since Chewy was distressed about everything, Meanwhile... Seven Hours Later. Rey you learned to control your Emotions fully now to control your Dark Side, Ok Father as she was ready for more training She had gone inside a Dark Temple carrying a very close resemblance to the one she had entered when she was Corrupted,

she saw the Victims she slaughtered all of which were Bad except for four they were prisoners, she looked at the Dead Bodies as if it were real she put her hand on her mouth she saw she killed a Child 18 at most she had to Give up her emotions she looked away and looked back and continued walking forward she saw more of the Darkness and it was getting Stronger she had a Determined Expression as she saw all of her Dark Action's she didn't flinch she then saw her Dark Side she was Pale with Red Eyes a Crimson Red Saber and Black Clothing, Look at you all Light And Peaceful! Your gonna accomplish nothing! As the Sith Rey yelled, no I won't fight you it's not the Jedi way! As she sat down and closed her eyes, Then you will die as she lunged, Rey opened her eyes and then put herself in a Laying position where she put her Feet up and kicked her in the Chest then she force pushed her, AGH as she was angry, (Panting) you, you will die, as Rey put her Saber down and closed her eyes, you're not real as The Other Rey charged and before she slashed her she was gone, Rey opened her eyes and got her Saber she walked forward again, Padme landed her Ship and walked out with Weapon's all at her Disposal it was Raining forever she entered the Facility with bright white covering the Walls she walked into the Ancient Cloning Facility back where the Clone War began she saw the Clones but strangely they weren't the same instead it looked like Clones of a Force User she looked Curiously as they were looking at her she quietly took her Blaster out as they started running to her they opened the Doors and as soon as they got through she shot them she kept shooting as she threw a Thermal Detonator blowing there Bodies up and killing them but some had a Lightsaber as they lunged at her she moved out of the way kicked the Clone in the Face as she shot him in the Head killing him she took his Saber and kept it and put it in her Belt since she didn't have time to learn how to use it, She went through the Window into the Main Progression of making Clones she threw 4 Bombs into the Room they were in she got out when it exploded killing them all in the Process she got up and saw the Fire and the Clones bodies was Burnt she panted as she looked for the Reason why they came after her, She saw the Darkness surrounding around her as Rey looked Certain she would not come to the Darkness again Obi watched as she fought it, she spoke the Jedi Code as if she wasn't afraid that she wasn't gonna be Corrupted

There is no Emotion there is Peace there is no ignorance there is Knowledge there is no Passion there is Serenity there is no Chao's there is Harmony there is no Death there is the Force!, as she spoke without even losing focus of the Darkness she pushed the Clouds of Darkness away as she stepped forward she was becoming more and more of a Full Jedi she looked at Kenobi, he nodded as she finished her Training, she picked up the Holocron and she turned it Blue she looked shocked as was Kenobi as no one has actually turned a Sith Holocron to a Jedi Holocron, The Spirit Of Kenobi said, Rey you finished it you did something no one else could do you truly are a Jedi!, as her Eyes turned Bright White then back to Hazel quickly she left the Temple, Kylo Locked onto the Fleet Luke Kylo and Chewy got out of the Falcon and gathered the Attack, Strado's it's ready.. Good prepare to fire..Yavin

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