Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


11. Protocol

They turned on a Modified Cloaking Device, as they landed on the Hanger of one of the Fleets they started the Plan, Ben Rey you go find a Ship then you go in it and make them think you're one of them once landed on the Main Fleet, well may the force be with you!, Revan Boba you're with me,

The Rest of the army hold until my command, as they all nodded, Ben and Rey went to find a Ship to hijack while Revan and Boba went with Padme,


On a Uncharted Planet around five thousand miles away. A Ancient Droid named HK-47 has awakened once more with the sense of his Master near them his eyes turned pure red, as his programming was somehow messed with, HK then began finding all of the Ancient Droids and began starting his Army, as Ghost smiled of his Plan working, (Flashback) Ghost had traveled to the Planet in hopes of finding HK-47 he then set up Protocol Elimination, a Program in which was made by himself "once the Droid returns after some reason his Programming will change as he made him make his Army that would spell Death upon the Army of which is trying to destroy the Gray Empire..


Ben and Rey encountered a Ship but it is Guarded by numerous Soldiers as they dashed and knocked two out as they gripped the others trying to be quiet they knocked them out and went in the Ship they then went out to continue the Plan, Padme you're Clouded as Revan said, no I'm not I am doing what I need too!, as Revan ran up in front of her and touched her Shoulders, as Boba looked Angry he stood there, I can show you the Future look, as Padme opened her eyes wider, (The Future) finally all threats have been eliminated, as he held Padme and Boba, well look a Couple as he smiled he revealed his Face as Padme was shocked and Boba wasn't, as He grabbed Boba and put him in front of her showing her what he does as he took his Glove off and touched Boba, he resisted for at-least five seconds until he perished, Padme screamed when he died, as she cried, now you!, as Padme stopped crying and showed a Determined Face, I'm not afraid anymore as He instead pulled out a Light-Saber and put it through her heart killing her, as the Glimpse of the Future stopped, Look Padme I know it's tough to lose someone believe me I know but if you let you're emotions cloud you, you will be caught and killed and everyone you swore to protect will die in a instant, as Padme backed away and looked shocked of the Plan failing because of her she then forgot about her losses and the Death of her son she had forgotten about Luke and Leia, she spoke thank you now come on as she walked forward,


HK-47 had activated the Droid's System as the came back online HK had injected them with Ghost's Protocol, as all there Sensor's turned Red as HK spoke "You are my Soldiers and you will Eliminate all Life and we shall become the new Ones it's time we fight back enough of being used as Slave's! Today will Mark as Civilization's final moments of Life!" As all the Droid's kneeled before HK-47 in agreement HK began there War,

Ben and Rey landed on The Main Fleet as they stole two Cloaking Device's and put them on there Wrist's as they turned Invisible they went through the Fleet invisible, Rey are you sure this is a good plan? Ben whispered, I think so no one can tell but we probably should stop whispering, as Ben nodded they continued walking forward they went in a Room as they saw a Dozen Soldiers walking right towards them then they found something a Sith Lord that had been vaporized as they saw his Skeleton they saw it wasn't old it just happened as Rey was disgusted with it she looked away, Rey that was done by someone..something, as Rey looked at Ben exclaiming the fact how it's not impossible she nodded and they listened outside the Door no one was there as they quietly opened the Door and closed it they went forward once more to find The Leader, Padme saw a Group of Soldiers walking as they saw them they began firing, Padme Revan and Boba attacked them killing them instantly they ran further to find the Hyperdrive Engine and Destroy it. They then started destroying all Alarm's and Surveillance Camera's if they don't the Commander will alert the Leader and there Plan will be gone forever, HK-47 became Stronger from the Protocol as if it was making him Invincible he grabbed his Blaster's and everything and got prepared as they went across as many of what was left of the Planet's to find as many Droid's possible before they get Destroyed as well by Ghost-Fire, HK-47 found an Ancient Droid called Xevis, a Powerful but very Loyal Droid HK activated his Protocol to him then Xevis responded as he awoke with Red Eye's, HK spoke, you are gonna help us kill all Life and claim the Galaxy or what remains of it our's Xevis kneeled in Loyalty to HK-47, Ben and Rey got to the Main Control Room, as Ghost knew there were coming he let his Soldier's ignore them, Ben and Rey opened the Door and turned off there Cloaking Device's, This ends NOW!, as they ignited there Saber's and lunged at him, Ghost gripped them both and threw them against the Wall, You cannot stop me! As they got up and threw there Saber's directly at him knocking him and his Helmet off, he got up slowly and his Face showed, Ben and Rey looked in utter shock as Ghost became Angry, he then took off his Glove's and touched his Saber's turning it into a Light-Saber that looked like his Body and Silver, he lunged at Ben and Rey Dueling so fast so horrifyingly as his Saber was different when it hit anything the thing that got hit turn's into nothing, Ben and Rey ran and tried to fight against him they struggled as the sheerness of his Combat was too great they turned on there Cloaking Device's and left but Ben's was cut before Rey could escape Ben was gripped but not killed as Ghost had great use for him as he told Rey to go, she had no choice but to Leave, Leave her alone and do what you will to me, as Ghost replied, I'll let her go but she won't last long forever as he put on his Glove's and touched Ben's Head doing something to him, Rey escaped as she regretted leaving him, she went back to the Other Fleet to warn them, she landed on used Force Speed as they already knew about it all, she saw Padme as Boba and Revan saw her, Padme!, as she looked at Rey, this is a Trap! The Leader or it got Ben this Plan was all a trap!, as Padme was surprised, before we go we're taking this Fleet down! As Padme went in the Hyperdrive engine and started shooting it as it leaked out she threw a Bomb to finish it as Revan grabbed her and Boba and used Force Speed to get in Rey's ship Rey also used it as they got in the Ship, and left as The Fleet blew up, Ghost saw it and smiled, and looked at the once more Corrupted Ben, Padme sat down with her Hands on her Hair, because of me we lost my only Descendant Ben, Padme I think he's alive I saw Ghost put on his Glove's he could've of turned him evil once more but not by Ben wanting it, Padme replied, then we save Ben, and for once and for all we get them with a Surprise as we kill them all! but she didn't know that there was another Army coming, and it is the last Army left besides The Gray Empire, Ben became a Servant of Evil once more, Ghost is winning, Padme and the other's are struggling and HK-47 is prepping his Army.

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