Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


1. Onset Of A Empire

A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away....

Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

It's been so long... So many species wiped from existence Billions Dead,

My Lord what is it? As the Captain had asked the Master, we've found it...the Key to defeating the Jedi/Sith, and the Galaxy claiming it!

It's called the Multi-Destroyer,

a Weapon that can destroy over 10 Planets with one strike now we have found it. Are you sure this is a good idea we will be killing Billions of life's possibly even Exterminating Species..

He responded It has to be Done! No more violence they all will be Dead ALL OF THEM!!, (Flashbacks) You will accomplish nothing young child you are weak blinded and idiotic you don't belong in this Galaxy as the Abusive Riot told the 10 Year Old Boy, because he was powerful but where he lived they were different and casted him out they killed his Family and grabbed him before he witnessed them being killed he went berserk grabbing there Force Pike and jamming it into all of there bodies instantly crushing there Bones and killing them brutally. He went to his Family and told them don't die please please, as the Mother took her Hand on his and told him don't li- listen to them Son you are powerful use it for the Greater good don- don't as she lost her will to live he cried and shouted as her Mother Father and Siblings were killed he was so angry that he vaporized the entire Surface of the Planet he then found a Ship. He

set it too auto pilot as he didn't know how to fly it,

(Present) As he was a Gray Jedi he was also blinded by what he was doing he still ordered them to check the Weapon if it was fired or not, it wasn't it has never been used as the Rakata were wiped out by the Plague and forgot about it he took it with other ships and began working on it, then it happened a Year passed they were never found there existence was secretive, it was after Snoke was defeated they thought they won, they celebrated in. Belief that everything was Peaceful then the Galaxy had been turned into Blackness pure Blackness once they activated the Weapon Luke & Rey weren't on the Planet as they left for something then Takodana and many other Planets were literally Wiped out in plain existence with no Debris just gone Luke & Rey saw from the Ship Chewbacca Howled in Anger as Leia was on one of the Planets when it was Blown Up Luke left the Ship and was angry he destroyed everything in his way and told Rey that he has to be left alone Rey sad for Luke left him alone. He then told her to leave him and go, she did she told Chewy we have to get Kylo before they destroy more, meanwhile Sir it's been done good soon they suffer what i have suffered. (Flashbacks) The Boy cried when he exited the Ship he saw a Ancient Civilization called the Cativatà a Race that no one knew about, they raised him fought him both the Dark & Light he was a Shadow a Assassin a Jedi he later became a Gray Jedi he was finally given a name "Strados" named after there Weapon they forged,

(Present) I will fulfill my Destiny by finding the Person behind his Family's death, he didn't care if millions suffered he only cares about the Killer. Kylo! As Rey runs to him hugging him and crying Leia Leia! she's dead!, Kylo says no no no What happened!! Someone destroyed the Planet and she was on it she continued Crying Kylo took away the Tears and told her we'll stop this I promise this is the Final Battle I can sense it The Final Battle of the Galaxy.. Rey being confused and honest told him how do you know? because I had a Nightmare last night about it we need to forge a alliance with as many People as possible we have to stand together this Fights bigger than all of us combined we need...The Galaxy itself we need it to bring alive the deceased one time and finish this before...before we all die whoever did this wants all The Species dead. All of us whatever he's doing it is more important than us to him.

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