Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


14. Final Battle Part Two

As Rey shouted, Padme looked as the Ship landed on the Fleet, Ben interlocked with the Ship as he ran inside, PADME REY!!, as they looked curiously at him, Ghost is dead!, What!?, he was killed by a Droid called HK-47! Oh no that means my Vision is coming true as Rey put her hands on her head, How do we stop this Padme replied to Ben, I don't know but I do know all that's left is the Droid Army! I think there getting ready to destroy the remaining Planet's, we have to Stop Them! Padme yelled, Rey had one more Vision as she fell down,

I've been waiting for this as a Mechanical Voice spoke, NOOO

There dead HK Finally it's just Us!,

As the Last Planet was shown, it was a Planet called Dxun. Rey awoke once more after the Vision ended, Guys there sparing Dxun if we go there and get a Strong Signal to call the Droid Army to us we can finish this on Land we have no firepower now so if there's anytime to Strike it's now Rey had said, Ok Padme replied, there prepared to jump to Hyperspace and set there coordinate's too Dxun as there left the Debris of the Gray Empire,


HK my Master what Planet are we sparing?, Dxun HK said calmly it is one of the Planet's I was on with the now dead Meetra Surik I liked the Place the Jungle, Hunting, Killing now we will live there!, Ok Master Xevis replied Loyally, HK held the Helmet of the previously dead Strado's as he looked at it.

Anakin the Battle is near a end now we have to rely on Hope, HOPE? My Son is dead Ben almost became a Sith Once More and my Wife is going to War with HK-47! Anakin replied angrily, Dark this Battle is, Hope we need not, Willpower we need, Yoda said agreeing with Anakin's Judgement

Whatever form that takes I'm in but we can't do anything we're Ghost's, I know but we can at least warn them that this Battle will be lost! Anakin yelled, Mhm Yoda replied

As a Ghost appeared out of the Darkness it was Luke's Ghost, as he appeared I'll warn Rey, as Anakin smirked, Ok but we need to go to The Planet Dxun before our Spirit's Shatter if this Planet explode's as they agreed Luke went to warn Rey, The Fleet landed on Dxun as everyone got out they looked everywhere to make sure no one was here, it most of been un habited no sign of Life except us..

Boba Fett said, well whatever happened it looked like a Massacre. As everyone prepared for Ground Assault Boba and Padme spoke, this may be the last time I'll see you Boba said, It might be for me too if we win I'll die again knowing that I saved the Galaxy if I don't I'll die knowing I couldn't but no matter what at least you will be here, as Boba kissed Padme, I love you Boba replied, I love you too, I know Anakin was my first husband but I'll die again soon So I might as well have one more As they kissed each other, Rey and Ben made the Signal to make HK come to them, I'm sorry if I hurt you Rey, you didn't Ben it was Ghost who did luckily he died, but HK still remain's as Ben nodded they continued Working on the Transmitter to contact the Droid Army before they Destroy the Last Planet's, as Rey made her Message, "We are on Dxun come to us and finish us off at you're own Risk if we die the Galaxy's is you're's if not it stay's our's HK come to Dxun and Face Us!" As she ended her Message and out the Signal out, Do you think this'll work? Ben said, It'll work Rey had replied, as Boba got together his Armor and put on his Helmet for the final time he readied, As the Relived Sith, Jedi and others talked as this is there final Moment's as being the Living Exar Kun and Bane finally showed themselves as there remained in the Shadow's for so long, since the Droid Army is coming for us now we need some help well we're both Powerful and we shall save this Galaxy! As everyone looked cautiously, Kun pulled out his Saber Staff and ignited it be ready, as he walked away Bane spoke We need to end this before the Galaxy die's if you have any regret's just let it go, we can't have Emotions during this as everyone agreed to Bane,


HK heard the sound of the Signal getting through, as everyone heard the Message, HK spoke Get Ready as everyone started to, we go to Dxun and wipe them out mercilessly, Xevis nodded as he left HK went into Hyperspace to Dxun,

As Rey and Ben were getting back to the Fleet they saw Luke's Ghost,

Luke! Ben shouted and Rey looked shocked to see him as a Ghost, Listen Ben and Rey, once they go into the Planet's Orbit you must not strike as soon as they Land they are prepared as soon as the Fleet opens they'll shoot and kill most of us, you need to relocate before that Happens, as he was beginning to fade away, wait Luke Ben shouted, What Ben?, How's Mom?, She's Good she's Proud of you as he left smiling, Ben smirked and Rey smiled while they ran back to the Fleet's location, Everyone we have to relocate there ready for US! Rey shouted, everyone looked Curious, Luke told me he's a Ghost just LISTEN!, as they all got there things ready and relocated, as the Droid Army went into Orbit and began to Land where there Fleet is, Rey and Ben led there Army away from Death, they Landed and opened the Door's of the Fleet and instantly begun shooting HK saw that they left there previous Location he walked forward, and tracked there footprint's, As Rey and Ben gripped most of them up the Cliff so there Footprint's won't show, they all got up before they finally arrived where the last of the Footprint's appeared, Rey whispered to everyone, we must counter attack them from above if we go down they'll shoot us and kill us, after we do that just keep stacking as Defensive and Offensive, she told them, Boba readied as he got his Blaster full powered they jumped and attacked them HK saw and shot one of them in the Chest as they fell too there Death HK yelled, THERE FROM ABOVE! As they attacked the Droid's will all there Strength, Boba and Padme shot them down as HK kept shooting, Rey and Ben attacked HK but was stopped by Xevis as he threw Ben into the Rocks, Rey yelled and attacked Xevis, as they fought each other

HK-47 threw a Detonator at one of the Sith's Face killing him, Bane leaps at HK's Face as he missed and was shot in the Shoulder, Exar Dashs towards The Droid's striking blow and blow at them as he was angry he electrocuted them but they were Modified to resist electricity They Punched him in the Face knocking him out for a few Seconds as. If all of you are brought back then where's my Old Master!?, He's dead as he sacrificed himself to save the Galaxy! Padme shouted, Then he was FOOLISH!, as he kept shooting his Blaster rifle at Padme she was saved by Boba as Padme thanked him, the Droid's shot at his Jetpack knocking him into the Ground he held Padme's hand Tight as he landed hard he got up furiously as Padme was cut on her Chest he Shot at the Droid's and blew there Heads off of there circuits as he went to Destroy HK, he was stopped by Xevis as he threw his Detonator right at Xevis's Face he then used his Flamethrower at him as Xevis was destroyed HK was furious he shot at Boba's Hand, Boba yelled as he threw one last Detonator at him HK stabbed Boba in the Chest with his Blade as it pierced through his Body, Boba bled as it exploded throwing Boba into the Rocks HK got up with wiring's out of his Neck and Arms he shot The Jedi and Sith's in the Face killing him he went towards Rey and Ben as he was angered Rey and Ben lunged at him as they fought against him in full force. Padme got up and saw the Blooded Boba, she took off his Helmet and saw Boba's Face once more, Pa-Padme I thought you were dea-, no I'm not you saved me, I couldn't see you die, as Boba was losing his Will to live, Boba put his Hands on Padmes Face I'll always love you as they kissed one last time, His Hands fell on the ground as he died, Boba as she started crying she held him, Rey and Ben fought HK, as Padme slowly put his Body down she walked to HK as she pulled out Luke's Saber, this Ends now! As she started running at HK, HK faced off three Armed People As he activated the last Droid who was kept only for a Last Resort that he thought would never have to be used, the Droid was turned on as he was leaving the Droid's Fleet, HK was shooting with his Last amount of Ammo Ben Rey and Padme dodging it they were about to Destroy him when the Droid showed, HK shot Padme in the Shoulder as she looked away Ben knocked him out temporarily, as he took Padme away from the Fight he set her down and ran back to fight the Droid, "Activating Weaponry Systems" "Systems Online" as he shot at them.

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