Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


2. Devastation

As Kylo and Rey went to the Falcon another Fire came and it was aiming towards them Rey and Kylo quickly used force speed to into the Falcon while Chewy escaped in time the Planet had been devastated it was...Bespin now they witnessed more of the Planets being blown up and completely disintegrated, Rey spoke out of anger NO!,

in so much anger as one of the Species became extinct as they only existed so many of them they were Ewoks... Endor had been wiped from existence as she could feel the terror in all of the Ewoks

before they completely died..


This is ENOUGH you just killed billions of life's I am not gonna be held responsible!, Then you die as Strados gripped him and opened the Airlock throwing him out and watching him become frozen and break apart, Anyone else? He said. Meanwhile we have to end this before he gets to the Tatooine System! She yelled, Kylo tried to calm her but feeling so many deaths she couldn't handle it her Eyes turned Yellow she told Chewy to let her go on a Ship of hers she didn't want to hurt anyone Chewy landed the Falcon and let her get into a Ship so she went Solo, Kylo said to Chewy we have to gather as many people as we can..


As he went into Bed and slept he had a Nightmare,

Kylo you are alive!, yes we defeated Snoke which it is it, Yes it is Kylo I'm so glad you turned back, as she hugged him then things turned Black, Ahhhh, Planet's blew up, REY DON'T do this! Please you're not like this!, I am not Rey anymore!, NOOOO

LUKE NOOO, I HATE YOU!!!, As he woke up a strange figure told him "Kylo am I soon yes I am! KYLO you must warn us before it's too late we have to stop the WAR BEFORE IT DESTROYS THE GALAXY!, it will kill us all!! This is the Last War the Final Battle! Listen Kylo! You must awaken the Deceased one time The Galaxy it's the key! REMEMBER!" As he Awoke in Shock he got up grabbed his Clothes and left the Planet in his Ship and went to Bespin,


We have to go to the Center Core of the Galaxy we need Luke it takes Two Jedi to do this and it is highly risky but we have too otherwise Chao's will destroy the Galaxy! As they went back for Luke Kylo ran to find him finally he saw him, Luke, Leia wasn't your fault but bigger things are happening Worse things are coming, I had a Nightmare a Vision you need to come with us so we can go to the Center Core of the Galaxy!, no I will not no one else should die when I'm around..

Luke LISTEN the Galaxy will be devastated if we don't please do this for Leia do this for all of us! Luke appeared broken, Kylo came to him put his Hands on his Shoulders tight, you can't let yourself go I need you, we NEED YOU!, I don't- Luke listen we have to end it it's the Final Battle!, ...Fine..., Meanwhile..

Listen to me my Old Strados you will destroy the Galaxy, as he tried to fight the Darkness taking him over, no i- YOU WILL ANSWER TO ME DESTROY THE GALAXY!, NOO as he fell to the Ground everyone came to see what was wrong, are you ok Sir?, he got up with Black Eyes yes I am, how long till its Charged?, 4 Hours sir, Good as he went back to looking at the Galaxy ahead.

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