Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


4. Dark Deeds

As Kylo and Luke waited it finally was complete, Luke & Kylo the Dead shall rise once more,

in one Hour get ready everyone who died during this entire era will come back to life for this last battle don't get yourself's killed by them and be sure to tell them why there here right now this is it I can't help any further than I already have go to your Ship and leave me I'll oversee what will happen,

they left and went to Hyperspace. Rey got up and went to find a Sith Temple to learn Power to kill them for what they had done she walked with a Mad Expression.

She kept walking and she found a Sith Temple she knew where she was being dropped off so she tricked them now she has the Dark Side at her disposal, Rey don't do this please as a Force Ghost appeared it was Kenobi.. Obi Wan Kenobi! The one who left me on Jakku so you let yourself die I never had a Father Kenobi I NEVER HAD A FAMILY! As she shouted, Kenobi put his Head down in shame i-I'm sorry, now I'm gone I've lost so many people now it's time to defeat them!, Rey don't you're my Daughter I can't lost you like I did Anakin, so what he was a Worthless Apprentice who turned too Save his precious wife not to save the Galaxy, Obi Wan you are too late for me, Re- STOP CALLING ME THAT NAME Leave Now!, his Ghost faded away as she continued entering the Temple she walked and walked then she found a Holocron a Sith Holocron she opened it and begun learning meanwhile Luke and Kylo landed on Yavin IV and left the Ship he saw a

Mandalorian like figure they walked closer. The Figure spoked Who are you where am I! You're Revan aren't you? Yes I am why?, because The Center Core or the Galaxy has rose all of the Dead to live once more only for one thing, he listened,

well this is the Final Battle and The Person has found the most powerful weapon that was created he has already destroyed 17 Planets, The Rakata Weapon..

Kylo Replied The Rakata Weapon? Revan he replied The Rakata was an Ancient Civilization who slaved all of us over 4 Millions Years Ago before there extinction they built a Weapon that could devastate so many Planets with one Blast, Kylo and Luke listened, Revan agreed to go with them to begin the Army with Chewy finally speaking "Rawwrrraa" we can't trust him Chewy trust me, "Rawr" ok Chewy as they left Yavin to start the Army meanwhile..


Strados had grown up and became a Gray Jedi wanting revenge for the death of his Family he looks for the Killer years passed no sign of him he decided to make a Army he eventually did but after a Battle a strange substance grabbed a hold on Strados Helmet then when the time came it took him over,


Strados yo- you killed them!, Strados slices him in half, Anyone else want to go against my orders? Everyone backed away horrified. The Millennium Falcon had landed on multiple Planets telling them why and how they are alive they all agreed except for one.. Freedon Nadd he said he'd rather let the Galaxy die, Freedon you'll die too so why are you saying this?

because I am already DEAD!, even the Sith looked at him angrily, Plagueis and Nihlius also joined them Freedon stayed where he had died while a Group of Fleets were ordered to land on the Planet to ready the Army, Rey learned everything about the Sith so fast she was very powerful now she's unbreakable she walked out of the Temple with Bright Red Eyes her Saber turned Red from too much contact with The Dark Side she found a Ship and left finding Strados and ridding of them, while the Army Prepared and Rey's vengeance was lustful,

Strados started another Blast targeting...Tatooine and others, Luke sensed the Presence he told everyone to hurry to Tatooine before it will gets blown up!,

They left and went to stop it but before they got there it was too late Tatooine left in ruins everyone perished... Wiped out Species life's the others were Naboo, Rhen Var, and many more

Luke put his head down in shame

That he could not stop it he put his head back up with a Angry Expression,

Make sure everyone's ready for this we're gonna stop this they have to die for this! Chewy get ready,

As the Reborn Deceased was in the Fleet they talked, Bastila it's good to see you once more as Revan hugged her tight I am so sorry I was gone I missed you as Bastila replied I missed you too Revan,

I love you I always will, Revan took off his Mask and kissed her he smiled after, so how's this possible I mean we're all alive for now? As Asajj spoke, Plagueis had replied

The Galaxy is about to be destroyed we've already lost over 20 Planets when the Galaxy make us come back to life it set a Parallel to all Eras which in turn will grant us the time we need to end this there will be a downside once we do this do it or not we will be dead again so let us forget our past life's and start a new that'll last peacefully

this no one is Evil now, this one is If you break the Impossible there's gonna be a Possibility of Risks. As Plagueis said Honestly,

Asajj replied if what you say is true what about the ones who get decapitated disintegrated or people who become Force Ghosts?, It's Impossible to do that if A Jedi dies and becomes a Ghost they cannot come back or People who get disintegrated and decapitated and ones who get decapitated is more likely to never get reanimated at all, only ones that have Bodies and a Head intact can return I just didn't know it could actually happen like this, Asajj remained Silent,


Rey set course to Tatooine she saw it was gone she was enraged she set a signal to find where the shot came from she traced it until she found a faint but oblivious signal she decided to land on one of the Fleets her being so angry lunged out of the ship screaming while killing all the Officers, Captains, and Soldiers they were decapitated impaled and stroked with lightning everyone was cut and impaled she panted fast and turned off her Double Bladed Crimson Red Saber she flew the Fleet into the Other one while she escaped on her Ship she smiled as hundreds of The Army were vaporized.

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