Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


5. A New Army

LISTEN! Luke said too all of the Reborn Sith and Jedi and more..

We need to end this! If we don't I fear that all the Planets will be blown to pieces everytime that Weapon destroys Planets more than anything else more die instantly because of this!,

we have to find who did this and kill him there's no mercy this time like all the Battle's we had suffered all the Deaths the deaths of Fallen Knights and Broken Fractures of those who lost in a War that became so pointless a War that caused this to happen all because we always fought now billions will! pay the price for this I know we Never got along but forget the Past and move on to the Future whatever we did in the Past has to be forgotten no more Battles against each other we need to fight THEM!, as he said in a Speech, everyone agreed, as the Comlink in the Fleets turned off, Nihlius talked to Plagueis as Asajj payed her apologies to the Jedi, as everyone chose to forget it

they are now working together as they decide to plan a first Attack, Meanwhile... My Master we found the Enraged Girl she left on a Ship what should we do?, shoot it down Strados said calmly, They targeted there blaster fire at the Ship she dodged a few hits but missed one which caused the Hyperdrive to malfunction she lost control and crash landed on a Planet she was hit in the Shoulder with a piece of Metal from the Ship she screamed in Agony as she pulled it out of her Shoulder, she had blood going down her Shoulder she walked out of the ship putting her Hand on her Injured Shoulder she limped and sensed no sign of life she was concerned no Plants no Life, she sat down on the Surface she cried in agony as her Eyes turned Gray..

Master the Ship crash landed on the Planet she's dead, are you a idiot gather a Searching Party to find her if you do shoot her in the Head or Heart, The Lieutenant gazed at him and left with a Upset Look, an Hour Later Rey heard a Ship coming she had no choice but to go back to the Ship and put the Debris on her sides to make it look like she was impaled she used a technique from the Sith to make her Heart stop they went down and saw the Ship they held there Blasters steady and ready then they saw her they put there Blasters down, and checked her Heart by her Neck they saw that she had died, the soldiers contacted Strados through

a Holo-Communicator sir we found her, and?, and she didn't survive the Ships crash the Debris impaled her she has no heart rate, hmmm

come back we have more pressing matters you did good Soldier, they left in the Ship, Rey finally woke back up and removed the Debris from her sides she got up still injured from the Metal, she left the Ship and walked too find Shelter, As the Resurrected Fortified a Plan since they were very smart at doing so they made sure they had a Tactical Plan to stop the Army, Chewy howled (Raawwrrr Rawwrrr) Kylo replied Chewy Han can't come back you heard what Plagueis said I'm sorry as he sat back down stressful, Chewy (Raaawwr) Chewy I understand your pain I know you want him back but he was blown up with Starkiller Base all those Years ago, as Luke put his Hand on his Back, Kylo went in the Back of the Falcon, Chewy howled, Chewy it's not you he's stressed because of what he had done it's no ones fault it was Snoke's and he's dead, 6 Days Ago Whe- where am I as a Woman got up from a Grave, she saw she was on Naboo she said Anakin Anakin where? As she walked and started Running ANAKIN! as she dashed too see a Person exiting a Ship he saw her and was shocked he said Oh my god it's it's impossible! As he left she was confused, she kept saying Anakin and took the Keys that he dropped and went in the Ship she left Naboo prior to its destruction. She lost her Mental Stability, (Present) Meanwhile

Rey.. As The Force Ghost appeared Rey had lost the Darkness for now but not completely she spoke Kenobi as she apologized about her behavior he replied Rey it's ok I am glad your alright, Father I need help I still have darkness inside of me I need to get rid of it please help!

Ok listen as he sat down and Rey sat also they talked about how to get rid of it,


Anakin you're breaking my Heart, No, no! Anakin please she fell unconscious Anakin there's still good in him, as Padme died,

forty seven Years Later.

As Padme was struggling to handle everything in her mind coming back she Layed there on a Bed she was on Coruscant she tightened her grip on the Blanket screaming, as she was crying about everything she remembered, Anakin no no no Anakin come back please as she put her hand in the air she saw a Ghost, it was Anakin, Padme? Padme moved back, who are you!, I'm Anakin, your dead I felt it! I am (sighing) I am a Ghost wait I know why your alive, Alive?, Padme you died you only awakened once more Forty Seven Years Later

you have to find our son Luke he's old but you need to find him!, she remembered everything in her Past as her Stability almost came away she spoke calmly, where's our son?, he's anywhere by now but he should be close I'll guide you but it's so different seeing you here, as her Memories got even stronger she replied, it is Ani it is, she packed her things and left Coruscant. Rey remember don't give in the Hate as he finished his Answer, Rey got up and thanked him, Rey learn to use Force Heal if you don't that'll eventually kill you from loss of blood, ok Kenobi as she left the Cave, Kylo look I told you it's not your fault! As Luke said Calmly Han wouldn't want you to beat yourself up like this! As Kylo showed his Scarred Face once more Uncle look I deserved this the Scars everything I may be a Jedi but what if I turn back huh Luke I'll kill MORE PEOPLE! As he yelled and threw his Hilt on the Wall, Luke replied, and my Sister died by that ARMY we all lose we all get corrupted as they argued, THEY WON'T WANT YOU LIKE THIS!

As he Yelled, Kylo remained Silent, your Ben Solo not that Knight of Ren, your redeemed you're a Jedi I am sorry but you have to move on! Chewy heard it all as he put it on Auto-Pilot and left the Bridge, Luke and Kylo finally stopped and he brought Kylo back to the Bridge, where's Chewy? Kylo said, oh no he heard it, Luke said concerned as there having stress,

Padme was guided by Anakin for a few hours she finally found the Falcon she connected her Ship to the Falcons while Luke finally calmed Chewy down and told him he only said that to stop Kylo Chewy was ok, then a sound came from the ship Luke and Kylo heard it too they ignited there Sabers they heard footsteps slowly walking through she appeared they had lowered there Sabers and turned them off, Padme took off her Pilot Helmet, Luke!, As Luke saw her he said who are you!,

Luke I'm your Mother...

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