falling hard

Katie was a normal girl who was working at an animal shelter with her best friend makiya when two famous people walked in who will it be and who is she going to fall hard for


3. the day

Nialls pov. Me and Harry were going to go to a pet shop to get ed a cat for his birthday when we walked in the shop there was 2 girls talking at the front desk the one 2 the right was just so beautiful I'mguessing Harry liked the one to the left because he kept starring at her I walked up to them and hi she studderd to say hi which maked me melted inside and then I asked where's the And they walked us were they where and I asked Harry which one and he picked out a orange cat and I read her name tag it said Katie I said well take this one and she hands me some pappers for the courage to ask her um would like to Come at are house at 1 tommrow she said I would love too and i asked for her number when we got back I went to take a nap I couldn't stop thinking about her being Katie Horran katie's pov. It was 8 when I got up I went downstairs to see my mom making breafeast and my sisters in front of the tv Watching teen titans go I sat down and started eating breakfast and watch four episodes of teen titans go with my sisster and I went up stairs to take a long shower not long enough were I can get wrinkles I put on a sunset Bahamas tank top with shorts that's bright neon pink with black vans and flat iron my hair and put makeup on and put on perfume and texted Makiya to come pick me up !Kalamtakeaway
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