falling hard

Katie was a normal girl who was working at an animal shelter with her best friend makiya when two famous people walked in who will it be and who is she going to fall hard for


2. can't belive

I couldn't believe it was Harry styles and niall Horran right in front of me hi niall said I melted inside I stuttered to say hi Makiya look like she was about to pass out until I smacked her arm and she snapped out of it I could tell Harry liked her because he couldn't keep his eyes off of her I said what do you need help with they said they're looking for a cat me and Makiya asked which one they wanted And they said the Orange cat Simba he was nice I have him to Harry and started purring immediately and niall Said well get this one I went up to the reggistor and peppers for it and I saw Harry flirting with Makiya and switched numbers and the niall ask me for my number and asked me to come over his house at 1:00 it's a Friday by the way I said thanks and he hand me back the pappers and they left with the cat I told Makiya about niall and she told about Harry and he said the same thing so we're going together we cleaned up the shop and locked up the store and Makiya drop me off at my house when I got home I couldn't go to sleep
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