Hidden Darkness


2. 2.

  I walked towards the door and put my hand on the handle.

 "Dylan, what are you doing?!"

 "I'm going back. There is something in there, and I'm going to figure it out."

 "You're being stupid!"

 I looked at him, fire burning in my mind.

 "Gavin, I'm doing this. You don't have to come along, but I'm doing this." I said calmly.

  He yanked me away from the door.

 "Dylan, no."

  "Fine." I sighed and we went back to work.

 That night, I drove to the castle.

 I got out of the truck and stared up at the castle. I grabbed my flashlight and made my way to the door.

 I opened the door and carefully walked up the steps. It was if the ground was vibrating from my heart beats. As I walked down the hall, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around quickly to see the little boy. 

 He was blocking the way to the stairs. My back hit the wall. I was stuck where I was, as the little boy got closer.

 "Who are you?" I asked, my voice cracking.

 He paid no attention to my question and kept walking forward.

 I fell on the floor and tears rolled down my cheek.

 I closed my eyes and bowed my head.

 The footsteps stopped suddenly and I opened my eyes.

 He was sitting on the floor a little ways away, looking at me.

 I opened my mouth and tried to get words out.

 He stayed silent, just observing me.

 "Who are you?" I managed to say.

 "Toby." He whispered.

 "Why are you here?" I asked.

 "I can't leave." He replied.

 "Surely you can."

 He shook his head.

 "W- what are you?" I asked.

 He stayed silent.

 "Where are your parents?"



 I heard pounding on the  castle door.

 "DYLAN!" Gavin shouted.

 "I... have to go." I said.

 He nodded sadly and disappeared.

 I got up and went down the stairs. When I opened the door, Gavin stood in the doorway.

 "Dylan, why are you here? It's midnight."

 "This has nothing to do with you. How'd you even know I was here?"

 "I tried calling you. No answer. The rest was easy."

 "Look, I'm not going." I said.

 "Dylan, this isn't smart. I'm surprised you're not already dead."

 "Look, just help me with something."

 He looked at me.

 "The little boy's name is Toby. Help me with the research." I said.

 "How'd you figure out-"

 "Please, Gavin." I interrupted.

 "Okay." He sighed.

 We went to our houses and started researching. After a few hours of nothing, I got a call from Gavin.


 "There was a little boy's death a few years ago. He was 4 when he died. Mia was the little boy's mom. The little boy's name was Toby and Toby was abandoned at that very same castle."

 "Wait, Mia? MIA? Mia Grace? That Mia?"

 "Yes, Dylan."

 "I didn't know she had a son." I sighed.

 "Well, she did. And she's at the prison in Winston."

 "Come here. We're going on a road trip."

 By the time we got to Winston, it was morning. We walked in and we were able to visit Mia.

 "Dylan, how nice to see you." She smirked as she talked on the phone.

 "Look, I know about all the shit that happened, okay? But I didn't come here to fight."

 "Why did you come here?"

 "I came here to talk about Toby."

 She looked at me through the glass with wide eyes.

 "So I'm guessing you came here to apologize?" She asked.

 "Look, we broke up 7 years ago. I'm over it and I thought you'd be too. But no, that's not what I came for."

 "How can you get over it when your boyfriend walks out when you're pregnant?!" She screamed.

 I looked at her.


 She slammed the phone down and the security took her back.

 Gavin walked over to me.

 "What did she say?"

 "She said... she was pregnant when we broke up." I said.

 Gavin looked at me.

 "I didn't know." I sighed.

 I sat in silence for a few moments.

 "How old was Toby when he died?" I asked.

 "Four years."

 "Okay, and how long ago did he die?" 

 "Three years ago."

 "So... that means Toby was born not long after Mia and I broke up." I said.

 Gavin and I looked at each other.

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