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2. Imagine: Michael


"I have a surprise for you baby, follow me!" Michael says as he takes your hand and leads you out the door and through a path into a dark area. "Wait I almost forgot! Before we continue I need to blindfold you!" Michael says as he pulls a blindfold out of his pocket. "Babe what the heck are we doing" You say laughing as he blindfolds you. "You'll see" Michael smirks. Michael leads you blindfolded for about another minute or two when he stops. "Alright here we are!" Michael says as he takes the blindfold off of you. You open your eyes to see a table with 2 chairs, candles, food, lights hanging everywhere, and soft romantic music playing. "MICHAEL! This is amazing!" You say as you jump into his arms hugging him as tight as you can. "I'm glad you like it babe" Michael says as he carries you to one of the chairs. "I also have another thing that I think you might like" he says as he picks up his guitar that was sitting right behind him. "I wrote this song for you" he says and smiles. Michael plays this amazing love song about how much he loves you and needs you in his life. Your heart is melting and he looks so cute playing his guitar and singing to you the way he is. The song finishes and you realize your eyes are tearing up. "That was amazing Michael! I love you so much!" you say as you get up off you're chair to hug him. "I love you too and I'm glad you liked it!" Michael says to you while your in each others arms. For the rest of the night you eat, talk, and have an amazing time. At the end of the night Michael sets a blanket down on the floor and the both of you lay down and stargaze until you both fall asleep, snuggled up right next to each other.

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