a fragile girl embraces in the love of a young Luke who like to play with the weak yet there's something in Heather that makes Luke want to love her


1. The start

      My mama told me I was as fragile as a paper doll. No more no less.

                          I told her I was strong but was I?

                 she said there nothing wrong with being fragile

                        but deep inside I new there was.

      I admire the cool California sunsets in its pinks, oranges and hues of blue.

          she told me not to get caught up in the ocean paper dissipates.

      I was 16 when I moved to Australia, my mother had passed in the beautiful ocean that I admired  with all my heart,  now its deep blue hues and pretty marine tints no longer seem so bright for this fragile little paper doll it was now a dark shade of coal black, with its numbness surround it.

                   This was the start of my journey and it began with a fragile little heart.


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