My tiny boxed girl~ reader x markipler

Mark was your childhood friend and he always helped you but once he tells you he loves you it changes everything! He cares for you and protects you from all danger. He is your tiny box mark and your his tiny boxed girl.~~


4. Day four - cuddle bunny

I was sitting in my bed watching some videos on youtube when mark walked in, I paused the video and took my earbuds out "What's up markimoo?" I ask him with a smile. "Hey beautiful what are ya watching?" Mark asks me sitting next to me, I placed my head on his shoulder, he kissed the top of my head, "oh I'm just watching some videos nothing that interesting." I tell him and i shut off my phone, mark looks at me and i lose myself looking in his eyes,"your adorable (y/n)" he says kissing my cheek and I smile. I turn and I lay on my side closing my eyes tired as ever, mark lays next to me and I feel his chest agents my back, he wrapped his arms around me and I giggle a little. Mark leans up and he whispers in my ear,"you know your so damn sexy?" making me blush as he tightly hugs me, "M-mark..." I say trying not to lose myself in his words, but his deep voice makes me go nuts."Whats wrong sweet heart? cat got your tongue?" He whispers again, he's teasing me as usual... "d-damn it mark your such a tease!" I say slightly getting mad and he noticed it, "sorry sweetie i didn't mean to get you mad, I just wanted you to know that I love you." he says kissing my cheek and I smile, "It's okay mark you don't need to be sorry." I say starting to fall asleep. Marks arms stay around me making me and calm. I soon fall asleep and so does mark. (sorry for the super long wait for an update and im sorry for the short update i promise i'll get back to doing this more often when i get the chance)

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