Alone (N.H.) (Mpreg)

Niall feels alone after Zayn gets pregnant and every boy surrounds Zayn especially his fiancé Louis so he starts to pack and stays with the 5SOS boys and starts having feelings for Luke but he is marrying Louis


2. Australia

(The whole story will be Niall's POV)


WHen I exited the gate fans surrounded me asking how are the babies and thankfully Luke came to my rescue and took me to his car and I honestly fell asleep and he woke me up when we arrived at the 5SOS house and the first one to greet me besides Luke was Calum he got so excited he needed water and then it was Ashton and Michael but I went to unpack in Lukes room and he came up and hugged me from behind which felt weird cause Lou and Zayn would always do that Niall! Stop thinking about them you are with 5SOS now

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