A Witch Tale

Not all villains are bad but the circumstances are. For a Villain is just a victim whose story has never been understood by others. This is the story of the witch from Hansel and Gretel. Who was both the angel and the devil.
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7. Years later





10 Years later




It was Mycroft's 10th wedding anniversary and she was determined to do everything correctly as to please Adil as the for the last few months they haven't been talking much.

For the past few months Mycroft has been watching Adil getting distant from her. They never talk, never eat together they even sometimes even ignore each other for the sake of peace because whenever they talk, their talks turn into fights. Their fights always ended because of Mycroft's inability to have any children. Adil always began by saying that how much he had provided for Mycroft and she couldn't even bear him a child, he so much desired. At times mycroft was tempted to reveal her true identity of a witch, who cannot have a child with a human but Mycroft always kept in check but  Mycroft  did grew more and more angrier till one day she decided that one of them have to yield and today was as good a day as any other.

Mycroft was just setting the table for two. She had spent all morning preparing for it and as soon as she finished there was a knock on the door. Mycroft pasted a smile on her face and went to open the door.

It was not Adil.

Infact, it was Kerim, who worked with Adil and today, Kerim brought a message from Adil.

That Adil will not come home today.

Mycroft didn't bother being civil. She forcefully closed the door on Kerim's face and walked away angrily. She went towards  where she had set the table. Took one long look at the table and forcefully pulled the table cloth and with it all the food she had prepared. The dishes shattered on the floor creating a puddle of food mixed together. Today, she was so angry that she left her house and was determined to find out where Adil spent his nights such as today. 

So, Mycroft secretly left her home. She scummed to the practices that she was taught as a child, to secretly climb on trees and travel through them to find your prey. Through, she didn't see Adil as a prey, she had no other way. She finally reached where Adil is supposed to work. She sees him packing his ax in his bag. Adil walks in the direction opposite of that of his and Mycroft's house. He walks deep into the forest, while all the time being followed by Mycroft.  

Until finally he came towards a small clearing where stood a little house. It aroused Mycroft's curiosity as what could possibly bring Adil to this house. She was about to get down from the tree to confront Adil, when the house gate opened. It forced Mycroft to stay in her place but she did change her place as to see how it was. 

It was a beautiful girl of six, followed by a boy of about eight.

The kids ran straight into Adil's outstretched hand and hugged him. When Mycroft saw this she was quite astonished and happy. As she saw her husband mingling with kids, who were possibly his friends kids. Mycroft relaxed as she thought that Adil was not coming home as he was at a dinner at his friend's house. She was about to make her way back home, when she thought that she should at least  see who this friend was for which Adil was ignoring his wife and responsibilities.  

She climbed down from the tree quite gracefully with a defined precision. She quite stealthily made her way towards the back window, as she didn't want to be seen by anyone. As she didn't want to be called a wife that was insecure about her husband because she really wasn't.

She reached the window, crouched beside it and very slowly raised her head to see through it.

It shattered her world into tiny million pieces scattered all over the universe.


Adil. Her Adil was kissing the mother of the children she had just seen. Soon, a soft music enveloped the house and Adil was dancing with the woman. The kids joined in to dance with their parents but Adil shooed them way. She could hear Adil's voice just above the music.

" Hansel, Gretel go up to your room right now." The kids followed reluctantly.


With sheer will power Mycroft detached her self from the window and half-running, half-crawling went to her home. She could feel the tears and the smudged mascara pierce her eyes. 

Her home not Her and Adil's.

She traced back her steps back to the place she sworn never to return. She didn't bother opening the door. She used her powers to blast it away. She took few steps and collapsed in the middle, among the filth and dust and she screamed.

She screamed but even then there was no end to her anger. She clawed her face and eyes and hands till she could feel the blood running down and smell fill her mind. She kept clawing till there was no skin left to scratch. She cried and screamed and swore.


You will pay for what you have done.

You shall cry like me and lose what you most loved.

I lost my lover and you shall too.

I will become the witch you will most fear,

and the blood of your children shall paint my heart.

I will become a Witch Heartless and Sinister.














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