A Witch Tale

Not all villains are bad but the circumstances are. For a Villain is just a victim whose story has never been understood by others. This is the story of the witch from Hansel and Gretel. Who was both the angel and the devil.
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5. Skipping to love







Today, there was a certain skip in Mycroft's walk. She was as giddy as she can possibly imagine. She made her way towards the forest while weaving through the market. Most days she would hide from the crowd but today she had nothing to fear for she was a human. She took a oath before leaving the house that she will never go back to witchcraft and wizardry and will shun herself from the evils of the witch world. 

She kept moving forward, she was on the tip of the forest. She went in to the place where she had first meet the boy whose name she still didn't know. After going a little further, she was finally able to spot him. She went towards him when a thought stuck her.

What was she supposed to do? She can't just go and declare her feelings. It would look like that she is imposing herself on him.

With these thoughts Mycroft could do nothing but turn around and walk away slowly. She had only walked a few steps when the Voice she fell in love with stopped her.


" Hey, wait."

At that Mycroft did turn but was very embarrassed to be caught. She felt color rise up her cheeks.

The boy jogged towards her and stopped in front of her while panting a little.

" Hi '' The boy said. Mycroft was so embarrassed that she could only return his gratitude by a simple, Hi. From herself without looking up.

" So, Um.... you wanna talk about something." The boy continued.

At that Mycroft did look up and caught a slight blush on the boy's face and it vanished as quickly as it came making Mycroft wonder if she had just imagined it. After that, Mycroft gathered up her courage. She thought that she had been a coward all her life. Now, she needed to be strong. For long everyone has taken away the things that she loved the most, she cannot let her cowardliness take away her love. But, it was easier said then done because when Mycroft spoke up her voice came out too high pitched like she was about to cry.

" Yes, I wanted to talk to you. It's just that I-I.. " Mycroft found it hard to continue it further but she kept reminding her self of the strength she needed.

" I have been noticing that, I-I..." Before she could continue. The boy abruptly cut her off by a hearty laugh.

" I quite assure you miss, that it was more than noticing that you were doing, when you were following me around for the last few days."

At that Mycroft gasped a little too loud and her face changed color faster then a chameleon. Her face grew so pale that the boy stopped laughing and grew quite alarmed. He didn't think that his honest remarks could have such effects on the girl he came to care about a little too much in the last few days. He quickly moved to her side. He apologized a thousand times before Mycroft took any notice of him and slowly the color returned to her face but she was at great discomfort still. Now, all she wanted was to get out of here as soon as possible. 

She quickly stood up and gathered her wits. She thought the luck was with her when some other boy called him back to work. She was about to leave when the boy spoke again.

" Please, Tell me what is your name, Miss?" 

Mycroft replied without looking back and still walking. " It's Mycroft."

She heard the boy mumble her name softly and she felt a small smile lit up both her face and the Boy's.

" My name is Adil. Will I meet you again? " Adil asked again.

Mycroft didn't reply and went away but at a safe distance she mumbled to herself.

Yes, you will.








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