A Witch Tale

Not all villains are bad but the circumstances are. For a Villain is just a victim whose story has never been understood by others. This is the story of the witch from Hansel and Gretel. Who was both the angel and the devil.
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6. Blood moon







Days went by quick. After their first encounter, when the second time they met. They opened up a little more. Each encounter brought some new surprises. Every-time they came to know something wonderful about each other. Every meeting was a bliss. Mycroft came to know that Adil lived alone. He used to have a family but his parents were killed in a fire. He also had two siblings, who were in the house during the fire but their bodies were never discovered. So, Adil still searched for them, even through it has been more then a year.

When, Adil told Mycroft of his tragedy. Mycroft's mind went back to her original world. So, she inquired about their ages, which came to be 7 and 8 years.


Perfect sacrifices for Satan. As at this age children were neither too small nor too big.

Mycroft thought.


At this knowledge, Mycroft secretly pursed her lips. Quite ashamed of the lineage. At that time Mycroft swore that she would never hide anything from Adil except her true meaning of existence. She thought if she told the truth, she would loose Adil and so for the love of her life. Mycroft forgot her previous life and swore never ever to yield it's secrets again. For too much was at stake.


Surprise came to Mycroft on a day she feared the most. The day was a blood moon. Considered quite holy for witches but just as unholy for humans. They avoided doing anything related to work or personal life on this day. As things done on this day are considered prosperous. Though Mycroft was a witch but she followed the human superstitions for her life. But, it seemed that Adil didn't believe in superstitions for he proposed marriage to Mycroft on a blood moon.

Mycroft did want to marry Adil but not on a blood moon but she thought that if she refused the marriage, she might lose Adil. So, she said yes to Adil and tried not to think about the possible negative they might forgo.

Soon, Adil and Mycroft were married and for them began a life of adventure and full of love. Mycroft thought that everything was finally perfect for her and she couldn't wish anyone more happiness the she.



But, what she thought was not to be.

Mycroft realized it too late.








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