Sniff Sniff the diary

Caramel is a very cute, lovable rabbit. She lives a normal rabbit life with her friends/sisters. She finds it in the middle there, but she feels :-) !


4. no no no no (It's not a song) !

Goooood morning! Caramel the Great is back(I need to stop using that name) ! I have terrible news. But before that, I have to write some nonsense.


Once upon a time, a cute looking girl strolled down a road. Then, she got flattened by a car, but she didn't die. Next, she got chased by a bull and it got her. She still didn't die. Finally, she got bitten by a poisonous snake. She once again didn't die, but turned into the most powerful bull on earth, and chased the same old bull that once chased her all the time.

                                                                       THE END

Today, we got sent to a place called the vet. It was hell. We got vaccinated, and Lin-Lin pretended to faint. Oh my! I've got to eat dinner! I hate missing dinner!

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