Sniff Sniff the diary

Caramel is a very cute, lovable rabbit. She lives a normal rabbit life with her friends/sisters. She finds it in the middle there, but she feels :-) !


3. And now we fight!

Today, Kitty just gone crazy. Absolutely crazy. I think no one is better than Caramel the Great! I am always perfect. I must be. I'm definitely going to be queen of all rabbits. 


Kitty just bit my tail fur just because she was jealous of Caramel the Great. She said that there were two girls with weird names,(Run-Run and Bei-Bei) and they said they like me the most of name's rabbits. I knew that, because name keeps blabbering on about it. Caramel the Great is attractive! Anyway, Lin-Lin just shrugged with her two floppy ears.

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