Ava has known Luke for as long as she can remember, he's always been there.
She thinks she knows everything there is to know about him, but she knows nothing at all.
There is something she can never know about Luke, but will it be revealed when a mysterious boy comes into their lives and Ava is danger?

(Includes Calum as well)


4. tired eyes and sparkling light

Saturday morning: 11am

My hand searches for Luke in the bed and finds it empty.

I groan and press my hand against my banging headache which luckily disappears within a few minutes.

My aching legs refuse to move and so I stay curled up under the covers until Luke comes in.

"Morning sunshine" Luke mocks with a smile.

He is wearing grey sweatpants and a plain white tee. His golden hair is un brushed and his voice is sleepy.

I smile, my eyes still closed.

"Are you gonna get up?" He says, sitting on the bed next to me.

"Only if I have to" I mumble.

He leaves me to rest for 10 minutes before handing me a coffee.

"Thanks" I say, sitting up.

"One sec" Luke says, using his thumbs to wipe off the mascara smudges under my eyes.

I smile.

"Your mum has gone shopping so you are staying here until 5" Luke informs me.

"Good cause I was not planning on going out today" I reply.

We spend the rest of the day playing video games and watching films.

"My mum's home" I announce as I read the text message on my phone screen.

"I'll walk with you" Luke offers.

"You don't have to it's only around the corner" I smile.

"I need some fresh air and some exercise" he answers.

I change back into my dress, and pull Luke's nirvana sweater back on top for warmth.

"Ooh it's cold" I shiver as Luke closes the door.

"Let's make it quick then" Luke replies, putting his arm around me as we walk down his drive.

We turn the corner, frost sparkling on the ground and blinding my tired eyes.

2 tall boys are walking on my street, one has black hair and tanned skin; he wears all black and takes big strides.He's taller than the other boy, who also wears black. Both are attractive.

But one of them is Calum.

Luke's hand takes mine as his eyes watch Calum analytically.

Calum watches us along with his friend, his eyes glued to mine and Luke's intertwined hands.

They walk past my house as me and Luke walk up my drive.

I look over my shoulder and see that Calum is doing the same, his eyes fixed on mine, his face unreadable.

"I don't trust that guy, it's like he's following you" Luke says when they are out of sight.

"Luke he's actually a nice guy, you don't need to worry" I smile.

"Hmm" is all he says in reply.

"See you on Monday" I smile, hugging him.

Luke gives great hugs.

"I'll text you" he says as we pull away.

I spend Sunday inside on my phone texting Luke and doing homework.


Calum just happens to sit next to me in biology.

"So are you and Luke official?" He asks.

He asks about Luke a lot.

"I guess not" I reply, forgetting to play along with Luke's plan to pretend we are dating.

"Does that mean I can take you out on a date?" He smiles.

That was unexpected.

"Um, you barely know me though" I blush.

"I know enough" he answers. He's cute.

"Okay" I say, agreeing to go on a date.

"This Friday, I'll meet you at the cinema at 7pm" he explains.

I smile. "Sounds good."

Shit. I'm actually going on a date!

And it's with one of the hottest guys in the year!

Oh god what am I gonna wear? I'll probably be really awkward.

"Can I copy the last question I was not listening at all" Calum smiles. I like his smile.

I laugh quietly "yeh sure."

I spend he rest of the lesson laughing at Calum's remarks and flirty comments; our conversation flows well.

Miss tells us to be quiet which only makes us laugh even more.

Luke's smile drops slightly when he notices me and Calum laughing and flirting as he stands outside the door.

He's gonna hate me when I tell him I'm going on a date with a guy he hates.

As we leave the classroom Calum looks smug, and Luke looks pissed off.

"How was biology?" Luke asks as we walk to the canteen.

"Good actually, but a bit boring too" I reply, not wanting to sound too happy about it.

He nods.

"Hey, you should probably know..." I begin.

"Know what?" Luke says looking concerned.

I smile. " don't look so worried, and don't be mad."

"Why what is it?" He says.

"I'm going on a date with Calum" I confess. Anxiously awaiting his response.

He looks at his shoelaces and then back at me.

"I'm not mad, I will never be mad at you" he says managing a small smile.

He isn't hiding his emotions very well. He looks a mixture of angry, sad and worried.

"If he hurts you I swear to god I'll kill him" he jokes.

I know he isn't joking.

"Love you" I say hugging him.

"Love you too" Luke replies as he hugs me back.

"If we date it doesn't change anything with us ok" I reassure him. He smiles.


"Yay! I'll help you pick an outfit!" Megan beams. "And I'll do your makeup!"

"Ok calm down though" I laugh as she bounces excitedly.

Josh watches her admirably and laughs. Them two are dating now.

"If you and Calum date we can go on double dates!" She squeals.

"Yay" Josh says sarcastically. Megan hits him playfully.

I look to Luke, who stares into his Mac and cheese as he stirs it aimlessly.

We have been talking about dating and me and Calum, I didn't even notice him being left out.

"What's wrong?" I ask, forcing a smile.

He looks up from his food. "I'm just tired" Luke answers.

Luke is never tired.

"Luke you could pull any girl in the whole year, then we could go on a triple date" Megan adds in attempt to cheer him up.

"I don't like any of them girls" he answers.

Shit. He looks sad.

I can't help feel like this is my fault.

Luke seems to perk up a bit during the rest of the week. That good. I hate seeing him sad.

Calum and I flirt almost every day and we text each night. He's really nice and we share some interests such as bands.

Friday comes before the blink of an eye, meaning it's date night.

Megan has come round to help me get ready.


"No" Megan decides as I try on a third outfit.

I sigh and roll my eyes, walking bald to my wardrobe.

"Ooh wait!" She exclaims, rushing over and pulling out a little black dress I got last year.

"Yes" is all she says as she pushes the dress against me, indicating for me to put it on.

"I don't know, I think it's too fancy" I question.

"Just put it on" she smiles.

"Whoa, who's that?" Megan says as she stands next to be in front of the mirror.

I do look quite good.

The dress rides just above my knees, it's floaty and has a black jewelled pattern around the neck. It's simple but it looks good.

My hair is styled in loose, messy curls and Megan has done the same makeup as the party.

"Im so nervous, but excited too" I smile shakily.

"Maybe you'll lose your kiss virginity" Megan says as she raised her eyebrows with a smirk.

"Maybe" I smile.

"you need to go!" She shouts excitedly. "Go have fun!"

I run down the stairs, Megan behind me before slipping on some black strappy shoes.

"Bye!" I say as I head out the door.

"Good luck" she winks.

It turns out I'm the first one here, trust boys to be late.

The cinema is about a 10 minute bus ride away from my house so the journey wasn't long.

Calum must live close too as we saw him on my road last weekend.

I wait 10 minutes but he doesn't come.

The film is starting any minute now.

"Maybe he's held up" I mentally tell myself.

5 more minutes of standing by the entrance looking lonely and I've had enough of waiting.

Why did I ever believe he actually liked me.

I'm so stupid. Nobody ever likes me.

The darkness swallowed the sun hours ago so I'm left to go home alone in the winter night.

My bus arrives and I hold up my bus pass.

"Sorry your bus pass is only valid until 7pm" says the driver.


I step off the bus and watch it's headlights disappear down the road.

I hold back tears; I don't cry over boys.

My sadness is down to multiple things: Luke being pissed at me, Calum standing me up, the bus driver refusing to let me on the bus and the fact that I'm freezing cold.

Even my grey hoodie doesn't provide warmth in the bitter winter air.

My eyes trace the ground in front of me as I walk home.

That is, until I bump into someone.

"Sorry" I murmur as I carry on walking.

I'm only 5 minutes from home.

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