Ava has known Luke for as long as she can remember, he's always been there.
She thinks she knows everything there is to know about him, but she knows nothing at all.
There is something she can never know about Luke, but will it be revealed when a mysterious boy comes into their lives and Ava is danger?

(Includes Calum as well)


5. panicked eyes and dim streetlights

An unfamiliar hand spins me around.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing out here alone?" One of the two middle aged men says.

I pull away and continue to walk.

"You can't just walk away!" The second man shouts.

My heart begins to break free of its regular beating pattern and my legs power towards my street.

I can hear their charging footsteps behind me.

Once again, I am pulled back around, this time by two hands.

They are a lot taller than me, a lot stronger. I know I won't be able to escape their grasp.

"Let go of me!" I spit as I struggle.

I try to hide how scared I am.

"Stop struggling feisty" the man holding me smirks.


My boot comes into contact with his shin powerfully but he doesn't react at all.

Instead he laughs and his friend helps him pin me to the splintering fence behind me.

Nobody is around, not even a car drives past.

Someone come, please. Anybody.

My feet kick at their legs.

One man laughs, tightening his grip on me.

I can feel the blood pumping beneath my ears.

Their faces are partially hidden in the darkness and they smell of tobacco.

"What shall we do with you?" One man says, coming appallingly close to my face.

I spit in his eyes and try to duck underneath them.

They are too fast.

The next sentence sends chills down my spine.

"Nice dress, but it's what's underneath that I'm interested in seeing" the other man smirks.

I gulp, my throat feeling like sandpaper and my lungs a desert.

The man I spat at turns back to me and nods.

When I feel his leathery hand tough my leg i kick at him.

"Help! Please!" I shout surprisingly loud. But I know nobody can hear me.

They smile.

"Nobody's coming love"

His hand slides my dress up slowly as his friend holds me down, his face inches from mine as I wince and scream.

"Stop, stop! leave me alone I'm 16!" I shout at them.

I want to cry but the adrenaline won't let me.

"Do you think we care?" One man replies.

I put all my energy (which isn't much) into a knee to the crotch.

The man who I kneed winces but stays standing.

"You shouldn't have done that" the other man says pulling my dress up higher whilst the other man forces my hands against the fence painfully.

I should be in the cinema with Calum right now. This would not be happening.

My panic washes over me, meaning I cannot see the figure approaching us.

The next few seconds are a blur.

Painful shouts and loud punches.

I pull my hands from over my eyes, my rushed breaths exhausting me.

The two men lie knocked out on the pavement.

My shocked eyes drift up from the two unconscious men and meet with someone else's.

Before I can blink I'm sobbing into Luke's black hoodie as he hugs me tightly. The tears that the adrenaline held back are spilling down my cheeks, mixed with fresh ones.

Luke's gentle hand holds my head against his chest and his other cradles my shoulders.

My sobs echo in the empty street and we just stand there, my weak legs supported by Luke's strong build.

He's takes me to his house - which is only one street away, his hand in mine the whole way.

We don't speak much. But the feeling of final safety is there.

His hand guides me up the stairs to his room; where we lie on the bed.

"Come here" he says softly, pulling me closer so my head is resting on his chest and my arm is wrapped tightly around his ribs.

His arm is curled underneath me, his hand reaching over and holding my waist while his other hand is lost in the back of my hair.

"Are you mad at me?" I cry.

He moves so I can see his face. He looks shocked.

"Ava I will never ever be mad at you" he reassures me, his hand cupping the side of my face.

"Why aren't you at the cinema?" He asks as I sniffle quietly.

"Calum didn't show up" I reply. He sighs.

"Well then he missed out on a date with the most beautiful girl in the world" Luke says with a small smile against the top of my head.

I try to cheer up.

"Thanks Luke" I murmur as I begin to relax.

My eyes are still sore from all the crying.

"For what?" He replies.

"You have always been there for me, and you always make sure I'm ok" I sniffle.

He smiles.

"And I always will be there to make sure you're ok"

Now I smile.


"You need an early night" Luke tells me. He's right.

"Can I stay at yours?" I ask shyly.

"course you can" he smiles.

"I'm sorry I'm always round at your house" I apologise.

"Ava I love spending time with you, don't apologise" he reassures me.

I smile.

Luke and I lie in bed, the room plunged in darkness.

I have no idea what time it is.

"Luke?" I whisper.

He rolls over to face me.


"Am I pretty?" I ask. Because right now I don't feel it after being stood up on a date.

His arms pull my closer.

"You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen" Luke answers.

I try to smile.

"But why have I never had a boyfriend? And when a guy finally asks me out he doesn't even show up? Surely there's something wrong with me." I explain.

"Calum doesn't deserve you, don't ever think you are less than a guy. Plus maybe someone does like you, but you just don't know it yet" he whispers.

I nod against his t shirt before falling asleep.

The sleep doesn't last long.

Beads of sweat pepper my forehead and my eyes sting from tears I didn't even know were dripping down my cheeks.

I am sitting up, panicked after waking up from a nightmare based on the two men earlier. But in my dream Luke didn't come.

Shit I've woken Luke up.

But I'm kind of relived he is awake.

"Hey it's ok" he says as he rubs circles on my back as I hold my face in my hands.

"I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. Ever." He says, planting a kiss on my cheek.

We fall back onto the bed and Luke holds me all night until we fall asleep again.

This time it's not plagued with twisted memories.

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