Ava has known Luke for as long as she can remember, he's always been there.
She thinks she knows everything there is to know about him, but she knows nothing at all.
There is something she can never know about Luke, but will it be revealed when a mysterious boy comes into their lives and Ava is danger?

(Includes Calum as well)


2. hypnotising eyes and yellow streetlights

Opening my curtains is a regular thing, but today is different. The darkness hides it, but I can still make out the outline of a person standing at the end of my driveway.

Broad shoulders. Tall.

I step back from the window so I can no longer see the silhouette, only to return to the window.

The figure is gone.


I get ready for school.

A oversized charcoal coloured sweater appeals to me for today. I pair it with some black jeans and black timberlands.

I don't wear makeup to school so I spend the extra 10 minutes on my phone before I hear a knock on my door.

"One sec" I say, loud enough for Luke to hear as I pull on my coat.

Wind spills through the door as I pull it open, revealing a boy dressed in black jeans and a black coat.

"Luke aren't you cold?" I shiver whilst I lock my front door.

"Only a bit" he replies.

It's almost sub zero temperatures out here.

Luke walks with me to school every morning, he's never been late, never forgotten.

"How are the battle wounds?" Luke asks.

I pull up my sleeves to analyse the injuries from cross county and notice that the cuts have almost disappeared completely.

"Nearly gone" I say in surprise.

Streetlights are the only source of light in the winter darkness, the yellow glistening in the puddles below us.

"Have you don't the IT homework?" I ask as we step into the road.

I didn't see it, I didn't hear it.

Luke pulls me back extremely quickly and his strong hands steady me from falling over.

"Whoa" I say as the car drives on, the driver no doubt cursing at the stupid girl that walked out in front of him.

"Thanks" I say as me and Luke continue to cross the road.

"Be more careful, we don't want you getting run over" he says with a small smile.

Luke is popular, he's liked by everyone.

His bad boy appearance appeals to all the girls and his charming qualities make him a great person to be friends with.

I don't know why he still hangs around with me. After all, I'm just Ava McCall, a 5"8 16 year old with chestnut hair and a goofy smile.

There's nothing special about me.

However, a lot of girls envy me. Being Luke Hemmings' best friend is a title a lot of people would love to hold.

I watch Luke and see that he is looking at a girl in our year named Naomi as we enter the school building. She is considered one of the 'fittest' girls in our year, probably coming second to Amelia Langhorn.

I don't think I'm pretty enough to even be on that list.

A smile creeps onto my face.

"What?" Luke says when he notices.

I smile. "You totally like her."

He looks at me. "What?"

I laugh as he gets flustered.

"Um no I don't, seriously" he protests.

He looks me straight in the eyes. "Ava I don't."

I smile.

"Ok Luke I believe you."

As I'm looking up at Luke I clash shoulders with someone.

I'm spun around slightly until two strangely strong hands steady my arms.

My eyes are met with those of a boy about my age.

But I have never seen him before.

Chiselled jaw, dark hair and eyes with olive skin. He's very attractive.

"sorry" I manage as his almost hypnotising eyes draw me in.

He smiles as he lets go of my arms, ending the mini trance he put me in.

"No need to apologise" is all he says before he continues walking past us.

I turn back to Luke, who's jaw is clenched.

"Who was that?" I ask as we start walking.

He looks behind him to where the boy was as he drapes his arm around my shoulders.

Luke has always been quite protective.

"I have no idea" he answers finally.

Next lesson: Maths.

Luke is in set 1 as he is super clever and I'm in set 2.

I take my seat next to a girl called Lucy - who barely speaks - and retrieve my book from my bag.

5 minutes into the most boring class in the universe we hear a knock on the door.

It's the mysterious boy from earlier.

The class turns to look at the boy behind the door, but his eyes are on me.

I try to avert my eyes back to my book but they don't move from him.

Miss Moore opens the door.

"Oh you must be Calum" she says in her annoyingly happy tone of voice.

"Uh yeh, I got a bit lost" he says in a charming way that wins the teacher over.

"It's fine, just take a seat next to Ollie" she instructs him.

A vans rucksack hangs over one of his strong shoulders and he wears a black bomber jacket with black skinny jeans. Something Luke would wear.

He takes the seat on the row in front of me, Ollie on his left, Naomi on his right.

She stares in awe at his flawless appearance, something that's pretty hard to avoid doing.

Impossible actually.

15 minutes pass and he turns around unexpectedly. I keep my eyes on my book, pretending to work out whatever equation I should be doing.

"Hey do you have a spare pen?" His warm voice asks.

I don't need to look to tell that he's speaking to me.

My eyes meet his.

"Uh yeh" I answer, reaching into my pocket for a pen.

I don't have much interaction with boys - apart from Luke.

Never had a boyfriend, never been kissed or been on a date.

"Thanks", he smiles with a wink before he spins around.

My heart needs to calm down.

He only asked for a pen.

We begin to pack up our books as the bell rings and I notice that set one were let out before us. Luke stands outside the door along with some other kids waiting for their friends.

He smiles when he sees me.

Just as I'm about to walk over to him someone steps in front of me.

"Hey, sorry I didn't catch your name earlier, I'm Calum"

I look up at him, he is standing pretty close to me, the scent of his cologne even stronger now.

"Ava" I say as I put on a smile.

"Ava" he repeats. "Nice name" he adds before wandering off.

When he moves I notice Luke watching us carefully. His crystal eyes following Calum as his jaw tightens.

"Luke" I say, startling him.

"Oh yeh, let's go" he replies.

We begin walking down the corridor towards the canteen and as we walk I notice Calum at his locker, number 66.

I can see Luke looking at me as he walks beside me, but I'm looking at Calum, who is looking at me.

He smiles.

"Hey are you going to oscars party tomorrow ?" Luke snaps me back in to reality, sounding a bit annoyed.

"uh yeh" I reply, smiling at Luke.

"I'll pick you up at 9" Luke adds.

I hadn't even thought about the party. It's tomorrow and I need to pick an outfit.

Luke and I sit at our usual spot in the corner of the canteen and wait for Megan and Josh - the friends we hang around with the most.

Megan is pretty, blonde hair, blue eyes and big lips. She can be a bit stupid but she's a good laugh. Josh is Luke's best guy friend, he's popular too and has brown hair and green eyes.

"So who's the new guy?" Luke says.

"Calum, Calum hood - i think" I answer, trying to remember the surname on his maths book.

Luke nods but doesn't say anything.

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