Iớn Majique: The Magician's Almanac

Throughout history, both Human and otherwise, Magic has played an unstoppable factor in the development of society, and the progress of life. It has been researched and documented for time immemorial, and has allowed the rise and fall of Magi who walk in the shadows of Gods.

Here, compiled in the personal hand of Magi Arbiter Charr-Ie-Al, is what is considered the definitive guide to Magic in all it's forms, written using knowledge from countless mentors and masters, and his own experience, as a means of allowing any novice with potential to further study and develop their Magical abilities.


8. VIII - Foci

The Magi's Tool

  In almost all stories of Magic, there is normally say-tell of an object or Item of some kind that is used as a source of power or control. Arthurian tales have Excalibur, for example, and I'm sure many others could easily be thought of.

  One would assume, that with so much lore having been made on them, one would assume that there is some truth to them, even though everything so far stated would suggest such things to be fallacy, however, it must be said that most Magi will have some kind of object used to aid them in focusing, amplifying and controlling their power to the full extent. Such objects are called a Focus, or Foci when mentioned in plural.

  While they do exist, Foci in modern day are far from the legendary artefacts they are made out to be. In the stories, a Focus would normally be a weapon of some sort, such as the aforementioned Excalibur, or in modern fiction, a Wand or sceptre of some kind. While in ancient times, where such things were more common, this may have been so, but nowadays, even in Magi society, they are perceived as being obscene, and to some Magi even considered racist or at the least, culturally insensitive.

  Due to this, most Foci found are now normally Jewelry, taking the forms of rings or bracelets most commonly, due to their ease and proximity to the hands, as the hands are the point where it is easiest to control and focus Magic, since we are so used to using them dexterously.


Crafting a Focus

  There are two ways to create a Focus, though one is vastly easier than the other. The first way, and the easiest, is to take the chosen item and engrave a seal into it that's designed to aid you in controlling your magic. It must be noted, that certain materials will be better or worse for creating a Focus. Anything already Magical or Supernatural (Like bones from magical creatures) will normally work to a higher quality, though of most traditional materials Iron is one of the most effective that can be easily procured, as a general rule though, the denser the material, the better it acts as a magical Focus or conductor (for reasons that will explained later).

   To reiterate, in order to create a Focus, take the chosen object, and engrave it with the following Seal.


  Wielding a Focus

  A focus is used hand in hand with magic itself. There is an old fencing saying, which is that your sword is merely an extension of yourself, of your own arm; you must think of it as merely another part of your limb. The same can be said about a Focus. Different parts of the body are easier to concentrate magic into, the easiest points being the hands as our brains are practiced and hardwired to interacting with the world through them, so Magic works similarly as well, whereas a point like the soles of the feet or the stomach are much more difficult to use magic through as we don't typically use them to interact with anything.

  To use a Focus, one must simply use magic with the Focus in hand. Imagine, if you will, that your Focus is a ring. Purpose that you wish to create a flame in the palm of your hand- you simply do exactly as you would normally, you concentrate, you channel energy up from your core, down you arm, into you hand, your fingers, through the ring, and out into the air. Using a Focus is just as easy as using Magic in the first place, it only helps you to control the flow of power, like the head on a fire hose.

Attuning a Focus

 As one uses their own focus more and more, the focus becomes "attuned" to the owner. Since one's magic is an extension of the users own soul, as magic is channeled through the Focus, parts of the user's soul becomes attached to the Focus; this effect becomes more intense and more profound over time.

  Attunement serves two indirect purposes; if a Focus is Attuned to a specific person, then that Focus is more effective when used by that person, as it is "used" to their unique soul and magic, meaning it helps enhance and channel their magic even further.

  The secondary effect of having an attuned Focus, is that, as a Focus becomes attuned to a single Magi, at the same rate it increases their power, another Magi would find it inversely as difficult to use magic through that Focus. To explain it a different way, as it gets easier for one person to use a specific Focus, it gets harder for anyone else to use the same Focus.

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