Iớn Majique: The Magician's Almanac

Throughout history, both Human and otherwise, Magic has played an unstoppable factor in the development of society, and the progress of life. It has been researched and documented for time immemorial, and has allowed the rise and fall of Magi who walk in the shadows of Gods.

Here, compiled in the personal hand of Magi Arbiter Charr-Ie-Al, is what is considered the definitive guide to Magic in all it's forms, written using knowledge from countless mentors and masters, and his own experience, as a means of allowing any novice with potential to further study and develop their Magical abilities.


4. IV - Wielding Magic


   Here, we come to what some would call, "undoubtedly the best part of a grimoire"; how to actually do magic. It was stated earlier that, once one develops a complete link to the Ambient Field, that they begin to passively absorb energy at the rate needed to create a reserve of energy, once you have this connection though, once you've been given time for an excess to build up, you're able to feel it. It hangs around you and resides within you, waiting to be directed. This too takes time and meditation, searching around for a grip on that energy, trying to calm and steady yourself until you're able to interact with it, for you to be able to start to move it around, but once you're able to get a basic grasp on the energy and start directing it through you, it only gets easier and easier until it's like second nature. It's really that simple. From there, it really is just a matter of practice with directing and controlling this energy within yourself until you've reached a high enough degree of control to be able to start projecting and applying it.

   Once a young Magi has achieved the degree of control required, they would typically start practising applying it using a set of basic techniques, the most common of which, is creating light. Making light is typically chosen as a first technique as it's both a useful skill that will help in a lot of points throughout life, simply having illumination at hand when needed, and, it's incredibly easy, one of the techniques that requires the least amount of energy and skill to trigger and sustain over a long time.

   As a note, the palms and fingers are the easiest place in the body to focus magic through, as our brains are most used to moving our hands, so therefore our minds understand movements with our hands better than any other part of the body, and in turn, our minds find it easiest to manipulate energy using movements from our fingers.

     Creating a basic light using magic is a simple process. If one is to simply hold out their hand, palm facing upwards, and turn down the lights so that you can still see yourself clearly, but it's not as bright as to be properly lit. You need to draw upon your reserves, by ow this should be an intrinsic feeling of just reaching into the back of your mind and letting it flow. Channel it, direct it through your shoulder, down your arm, and into your hands. Let it crawl up through your fingers, and force the energy through your fingertips, curling your fingers towards each other so that all this energy converges above your palm.

  Build it up, and make a little ball of magic in your hand. Hold it there, keep it stable, and envision light. Run the image through your mind, of a small sun, a star of illumination, just sitting there in in your grasp, and then when it's just there, on the edge of your mind, almost so clear it's real- snap the energy flow closed, pulsing the last of the power in your finger tips into it at once, and let the magic take form to your will, let it turn to a ball of photons and energy. While this will only make a flash for a brief second, and it may take dozens of tries before you're able to do even that, it's still light, it's magic.

Techniques to Learn

   This is a list of techniques and skills that work perfectly for beginner Magi, and generally useful but easy to do.

    Flames: While conjuring fire may sound dangerous, with gradual practice and controlled use, it's a safe, simple, and easy technique that can help in many situations in life. Lighting a flame with magic is done in typically a very similar way to creating light, in that you have to build up a pool of energy just above your hand until it reaches the point you can set it off. They key differences is that fire typically requires a larger push at the end to ignite it, and, it requires you to visualize the air igniting and catching alight, you have to direct the energy into heat and flame, not just pure light.

   Typically, due to the difference in use from a simply light, most Magi will learn to emit a flame from a single finger, typically the thumb as the action of snapping your fingers works as a very good trigger for the final release of energy, which requires them building up the energy between just the thumb and middle finger.

    The Wall and Shield: There is a very large branch of magic known as "Psyonics", which is entirely devoted to the effects of the mind when interacting with other minds via magic, and a large majority of Psyonic techniques are to deal with defending and protecting one's mind, making it a key, vital part of the life of a magical being. Before one can begin learning and developing Psyonic abilities, they have to learn to enter their inner mind.

   This is one of the most difficult tasks possible to accomplish by yourself, so the Magi "cheat", by using something called a Dreamscape, a device that allows us to enter our inner minds and in turn, creates a safe, stable meeting place for other minds to link up together.

   When young Magi get to the stage where they need to begin developing Psyonic abilities, they will practice with entering and exiting a Dreamscape repeatedly until they're able to mimic the effect themselves to gain access to the core of their mind freely, and once this has been done, you can begin creating your mental defences.

   The majority of Psyonic abilities are named after Medieval structures and equipment, as it provides an easy and simple platform of teaching them. 

   The first two Psyonic Techniques to learn are The Shield and The Wall. The Shield is a quick defence from an invasion into your mind, it's incredibly simple, but it's defensive strength is totally unbreakable as long as you have the sheer willpower to keep it up. In order to use the Shield, take a memory. It doesn't matter whether it's a good memory or a bad memory, as long as it's a strong memory, a memory that you hold clearly in your mind. Just bring this memory to the forefront of you mind, and hold it there. Don't focus on any specific part, just hold it there and keep it there. While this doesn't sound like magic, while it seems simple, when someone if attempting to forcibly pry into you mind, The Shield is an invaluable tool.

    The second of the two, The Wall, has it's own advantages and disadvantages when compared to The Shield. An advantage, is the The Wall is a passive effect, once you've taken the time to construct it within your mind, it will stay there and defend your mind from invasions by itself, like a good wall does, unlike The Shield, which you have to raise yourself. However, a downside of it is that, once someone or something breaches The Wall, it takes time to reconstruct it, something you can't do when you have an invader in your mind.

   To construct a Wall, think as though you have a Shield raised, and then change it. Change your mental image of this memory from a shield, and think of it as a brick. Then take a different memory, and link it to the last one. And do this again, and again, and again, building up a set of memories and thoughts that you can always hold around your mind, constructing it within your inner mind until it becomes a solid, defensive wall that you feel can protect you - then add some more for safe measure.

    Telepathy: Now that your mind is mentally secure, you can begin reaching out into the world with things like Telepathy, another sub-technique of Psyonics, and functions by extending out your magic and sending through through it like a signal. Thee easiest way to learn Telepathy is to have someone else who is already able to use telepathy to connect to your mind repeatedly, and help you link up to others until you start to be able to do it yourself, though of course it can be learned from scratch by simply attempting what has been described, though this is a somewhat dangerous trial and error process.

   Telepathy requires almost no energy to use, and allows for almost instant, crystal clear communication of sound, pictures, even tastes and emotions between a theoretically limitless number of people (though of course, secure telepathy between only two people is easy enough) across literally planetary distances and even between Realms. 

    Telekinesis: The final technique listed here is basic Telekinesis. Now that you've learned to reach out a distance with your magic in the form of Telepathy, you start in a similar way. Extend out a tendril of energy towards an object you want to move (a good one to start with is a tennis ball), reach out with it until the energy permeates the object, you should be able to feel the objects dimensions, understand it's mass and how it moves.

   From this point, it is a simple process simply to snap back on this tether of energy, and just as you visualized light or heat, think of movement, momentum. Think of the object snapping back towards you along with your magic, convert the energy you touched the object with into kinetic energy.

  This method comes with an obvious drawback, in that is causes the object to fly towards you (hence why it's advised you learn using a tennis ball), though with practice, you will learn to be able to move small scale things at a steady, controlled speed, as well as being able to move things away and around.

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