spike's hell

bout spike n dawn


1. spike's hell

                                                                                    you are in my veins and i cannot get u out u are in my veins yelled spike at the top of his lungs everything is dark inside my mind spike says holding his head i was suppose to kill her why why said spike looking at his self i can't i won't love a bloody slayer i am a vampire as spike is yelling his friend is standing there looking spike walks toward him why do i feel this way love makes us do crazy stuff and messes with our heart but i don't have a heart i am dead no bleedin blood thur my body nothing do u love her spike spike turns away god no spike speaks i... can't..... love.... oh my god it's alright spike u loved dru remember dru was a vamp and she was a nut case i loved her cuz she treated me great i spoiled her rotten gave her dresses and her stupid dolls everything was perfect til angel took her away from me i hate that poof poof he asked spike what is that it means he is gay spike started laughing goddamn vampire got dru then Buffy he loved her til he ditched her i was there to pick up the pieces when angel left her again and her mum died and dawn was in trouble with a god chick named glory fat cow thought earth owed her everything but spike's friend said did she like u helped her no bloody hell she didn't called me a thing said i couldn't love hell cuz i don't have a soul don't mean i can't i know spike i know how the hell could u know the lil niblet came to hang out with me and big sis hated that dawn had a crush on me and i loved her big sister but u never told Buffy that u got your soul back i know i didn't why would i the bitch don't want me or love me i spoil that bitch give her what she needs a shoulder to cry on a fuck buddy but no angel is better then me lol fuck him spike said fuck sunnydale and Buffy and her scoobies but not the lil niblet she likes me and we hang out spike laughs she acts like me when i was that age spike walks up to Buffy's door and knocks lil niblet answers hey spike hey niblet how are u i am good spike how are u i am ok big sis round no u know spike u can tell me whatever it is u wanna tell her i am grown up i know niblet it's about angel ohh dawn said i hate that guy me 2 spike said man is horrible yes he is dawn said well the poof is coming back to good old sunny D no way why is he coming here again he left Buffy i know niblet but what is there to do u could fight him u are stronger then him u could knock him on his ass or or let william the bloody out and kill him that way while spike was listening to her he fell in love with Buffy's lil sis i gotta go lil niblet your sis will beat me up if she finds me here alone with u spike left just as Buffy came up the stairs whats up dawn nothing Buffy dawn said spike stayed close to the summer house to watch out for dawn dawns  bedroom window was open spike she whispered come up here ok spike said i am coming. what is up lil niblet i just wanted to talk to u ok i am here spike said i saw u around the tree peeking yea i have to make sure u are ok niblet thanks spike no problem thats what i am here for not for Buffy dawn asked him he coughed hell no ok dawn said she feel asleep spike got out of the chair and patted her head night just as spike was walking out of dawn's room she woke up and got out of her bed did u have a nightmare niblet whatever it is i will scare it away for u dawn put her arms round spike's shoulder and said i love u spike love u to niblet no no she said i really love u spike. to be contiued 

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