Dan Howell's adopted daughter

~Disclaimer NOT PHAN! Sorry.... but anyways
Sheridan was given up a birth so she never knew her parents but they gave her a first name... no middle name. She was transferred to different centers across the US but then one last transfer to London England! Dan and Phil were best friends and Dan decided one day that he'll adopt a child, no harm in that... well find out in Dan Howell's adopted daughter.


1. Adoption



Sheridan's P.O.V.

Hi, I'm Sheridan. That's it no last name or middle name. I was given up at birth with only my first name: Sheridan. I'm 15 years old and here's what I look like:


I know it's not much, I have my flaws. Also I have glasses I just didn't wear them for the photo because glare off the screen... sorry. But anyways I come from the Minnesota.. I presuming because that's what I was told... but now I'm in London, England!


Anyways, I was listening to Therapy by All Time Low when we got called for roll call. I pause my music and I go out there. Someone might get adopted today. I yawn because I was tired. I knew no one was adopting me that's for sure.


I just wanted to back and watch danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil and maybe some crabstickz and kickthepj, or some jacksepticeye or Markiplier or Pewdiepie or Game Grumps. I sigh as I look at the ground. I'm awkward AF as well.


I hear my name get called, I look up and point to myself. "Me?" I ask. Ms.Murphy nods

"You're getting adopted sweetheart" She smiles. I see a bunch of the girls surrounding someone, that person comes over to me... holy crap it's Dan Howell.


"The Internet Cult Leader wants to a-adopt me?" I ask him. He laughs and nods.

"Yes The Internet Cult Leader would like to adopt you, may I ask you, what is your name?" He kneels down to my height... oh yeah I forgot to mention I'm 4'11 whatever that is in meters or whatever they measure here.

"S-Sheridan" I say awkwardly.



Dan's P.O.V.


I had walked in the adoption center to see if I could help anyone... I come on time to time but no one caught my attention to adopt. Until today. She was really short and dark brown hair. She was wearing a Panic! At The Disco shirt. Black skinny jeans and some white socks. 


I couldn't see her face because she was looking down but I ask Ms.Murphy about her... She said that her name is Sheridan, born May 31st. I nod. I get passed a bunch of screaming girls.


Ms.Murphy told her she's getting adopted. I could see her eyes light up immediately. I walk over to her. She seemed so surprised.


"The Internet Cult Leader wants to a-adopt me?" She asks. I laugh and nod

"Yes, The Internet Cult Leader would like to adopt you, may I ask, what is your name?" I kneel down to her height. I could tell she was kinda annoyed.


"S-Sheridan" She says. I knew her name from Ms.Murphy but she seems to have an American accent. 

"Yes she's the one I want to adopt" I smile at her. "I'll be right back. Go pack your things" I say. I go do the paperwork.



Sheridan's P.O.V.


I was so excited I dash to my room. I put on my strappy ankle boots, I grab all my CD's, my laptop, my books, clothes, blanket. I had everything packed within 2 hours. 


"wow, I've never seen someone more excited to leave some place" I hear Dan say. I chuckle

"Well when you're the odd ball of a place, you start to want to leave everyday of your life" I say back. He walks over to me and sits on my old bed.

"You're gonna like it with Phil and I... but we haven't gotten things ready for you because well, Phillip won't know about you till later... you're a surprise for him" He explains.


I nod "alright, I understand" I give a weak smile.

"You ready?" He asks me. I nod. "Well let's go then" He smiles at me. I smile back. He leads me out of this place and to a new one.



AN: Hey guys! Thanks for reading and also that picture is what I look like.... please don't make fun of me >.<

Not everyone is perfect. 

Love you guys!


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