City of Dreams

(WARNING: Complete the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices. We are not considering information from the Dark Artifices as this was handwritten before the release.)
This story takes place 3 years after the events of TMI. The vengeful Seelie Queen has manipulated the way dreams work, it's vital that she is destroyed as she controls dangerous magic, all dreams and nightmares come true. Shadowhunters are in danger as the Seelie Queen's powers eat away at Alicante.


1. Prologue

     Alec Lightwood carefully traced an accuracy rune on the underside of his left forearm. He left it slightly uncompleted, so he could activate it when needed. 

     It wasn't like he was expecting a fight, but you never know. 

     "Alec! Open up! Hell, are you still sleeping?" It was his parabatai, Jace. 

     Alec opened the door slightly and got a full view of Jace. Shirtless Jace.

      "By the Angel it's eleven-thirty and you're, well apparently not sleeping but just because you're not at Magnus's loft, doesn't mean you get to live in this room. Oh, and Isabelle wants you to help pick out a dress for Magnus's party."

        Oh. God, Alec thought. Watching Izzy pick clothes was like trying to spin in a circle a thousand times and then attempt a round-off, back hand spring, back flip and then trying to recite the names of angels alphabetically backwards.

      Alec dragged himself to his sister's room. He knocked lightly, a mob of red hair opened the door, Clary.

      "Err, watch your step," she said, and let him in the room. Alec sucked in his breath, a tornado had made its way into Izzy's room.

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