City of Dreams

(WARNING: Complete the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices. We are not considering information from the Dark Artifices as this was handwritten before the release.)
This story takes place 3 years after the events of TMI. The vengeful Seelie Queen has manipulated the way dreams work, it's vital that she is destroyed as she controls dangerous magic, all dreams and nightmares come true. Shadowhunters are in danger as the Seelie Queen's powers eat away at Alicante.


2. Alicante

     Clary and Alec dodged a stiletto that had been tossed from the depths of Isabelle's closet. Instead of cracking one of the two of them in the head, it cracked the full length mirror by Izzy's dresser. Well, what initially was a dresser. Layers upon layers of dresses were draped in no specific order, all over Izzy's disco ball room.

     The creak of a door drew Clary's attention to Simon, peeking in through Izzy's ajar door. 

    Despite the flying shoes, Clary managed to make her way over to Simon.

     "Let me guess, Izzy is having a breakdown and needs four people to judge her clothes." Simon inquired.

     Clary grinned at her parabatai,

.      "Yeah, something that."

     "I hate to break up this friendly chatter," it was Jace. This time he had clothes on. "We need to go, the Clave has called for an emergency meeting. They're expecting us at eleven-fifty two." 

     Clary raced to the courtyard and quickly began tracing a portal. Jace was glancing repeatedly at his watch. Izzy, appeared to have ditched the stilettos and chosen a more reasonable shoe choice.

      As Clary finished tracing the last rune with her stele, a shimmer portal materialized in front of the group.

     "Eleven-fifty two! Go!" Shouted Jace. Clary pictured Alicante, its glittering demon towers of adamas. 

      Clary dove through the portal. She felt her stomach drop. Though she'd gone through portals many times, she was always surprised by the feeling of flying through space. She landed on a dry, dusty path. Simon oofed beside her, followed by Jace, Alec, Izzy, and Maryse. 

     Three Clave officials awaited them along with three stallions. Clary climbed on a chestnut horse with Jace. She guiltily remembered doing the same with her demon brother, Sebastian.

     As they neared the city, the demon towers loomed above them. The sun was hidden by gray clouds, giving Clary an uneasy feeling of upcoming events.


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