Assist trophies 1: attack on storm hill.

When hammer bro discovers the true member of his family, hammer bro sets out to find him and stop this madness.


3. You need it more than we do.

Then, the next day had passed. I woke up this morning and heard a ringing on my wrist watch. I looked at it and found the person anonymous. 

"Hello?" I said. "Anyone?" Then a hologram of lord natodames popped up and I jumped back. "Hammer bro," he said. "What do you want, natodames?" I growled. "Oh, just a little bit of a discussion." 

Then he told me to come to the castle and I agreed. When I got to his castle, he was nowhere until he came up to me. 

I jumped back and growled. "Uh-uh," he said. "Not right now." Then I got out my hammers and he pulled then down. "Why do you NEED Me!?" 

"Because," he said. "Something important. You go ahead and give me the souls, then I could get my army to stop attacking your village." I put my finger on my chin in confusion and I looked at him suspiciously.

"Is this another one of your tricks, natodames?" I asked. "Because it looks like it." Then he laughed and he said it wasn't.

"Why, no," he said. "I just thought maybe you could help me." Then I eyes him and he eyed me. "Okay," i said. "But only if you promise to get rid of your army for good and never bother us again." Then that litten and Snivy hybrid started chuckling and put his hand on my shoulder. "Well," he said. "That works perfectly." Then I returned to the village and he laughed silently.

Then lord natodames turned around and ordered his troops. "Shoot an attack flare and signal the troops!"

Then he turned around again and said something under his breath. "Sorry, hammer bro," he said. "But you cannot play your games until you've done our deal." 

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