Assist trophies 1: attack on storm hill.

When hammer bro discovers the true member of his family, hammer bro sets out to find him and stop this madness.


2. What's the problem?

As I got back, I saw the whole hill surrounded by a pack of wild staravia. As I tried to walk in, there was chain chomp. He was asleep, but mistakened me for a villian. 

He growled in his sleep and I had to walk back. I went through the window on the other side of our hideout, only to encounter my good friend Ashley. 

"Ever heard of the door?" She asked. "Well, had to go someplace where they won't find me," I said nervously while scratching the back of my neck. When we turned to shadow, he panicked badly. 

"Thank goodness!" He said. "Shadow. We thought you were brave," I insisted. 

"Well, that's bad and also-" then there was a smash on the table as we were chattering along about the problem. 

"You call yourselves assist trophies?" A familiar deep voice said. It was Dillon, a red armadillo that I had met back in 2014. "Buncha cowards." He usually is always brave, even more brave then shadow at least. 

"I've got a perfect solution for this problem," he snickered. "And it involves this guardian, hammer bro!" I gulped as everyone looked at me and I was sweating. 

"W-well," I chuckled nervously. "Of course! You all need me alright!" Then they cheered and they tried to deal with this problem. 

"Dillon, at least we could just come up with a peaceful strategy for them," I said. 

"Well, lord natodames had killed your father! Are you wanting to avenge him?" 

"Y-yes, but-" 

"Then we must do what we have to, hammer. We must stop the evil warlord and take this down!" 

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