Assist trophies 1: attack on storm hill.

When hammer bro discovers the true member of his family, hammer bro sets out to find him and stop this madness.


1. Inside of the temple.

Hello, you guys. It's me hammer bro. You may know me from the Mario series, but that's a different one. I come from the kingdom called smash kingdom. 

I am the guardian of hammer making and I protect of all who is hurt and fight who is ever trying to hurt us. This is all for my father jack hammer who was killed by the evil warlord natodames. 

I smiled in thought as I would always think about my father. A tried to walk back out of the temple just until I heard my wrist watch ringing. Now who could it be? I thought. Just until then, a hologram of my good friend shadow the hedgehog appeared. 

He was not happy, which tells about his panicked expression. "Hammer Bro!" He said. "We need you at storm hill!" As I promised to be there, I ran back to storm hill to see what's up. 

Storm hill is located right near smash kingdom academy and that is where our hideout is. 

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