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2. sandcastles

In Dan's beach video, he said how annoying it is when jerks ruin kids sandcastles. So here's a cute phanfic.

Dan's P.O.V

I sat on the sunny beach, Phil next to me. Our 10 year old daughter was sat next to our youngest daughter and were making sandcastles together. "Look how cute." I smiled at Phil. He lifted up his sunnies and laughed. "It's cute how strong their bond is. Martyn was two years older than me, so we fought like crazy. Scarlett is pretty mature, and she's just like you, Dan." I ran my fingers through the sand. "Phil, I didn't like give birth to her." He looked back at the girls, and then to me. "I know, but she's just like a smaller you. Sarcastic, energetic, cute." I blushed. "That's why we chose her. She had brown hair and brown eyes. You said "oh, she looks like you, Dan!", and when we adopted Ruby, you saw her blue eyes and she was ours." He smiled. "Exactly." I sighed. "I'm just worried, Phil. If they find out that we were youtubers, would the girls get bulled? And after that, I thought we should move here." He looked at me like I was mental. "L.A? Dan, are you serious?" I shrugged. "Maybe. I don't know. Scarlett seems fine, and Ruby starts in two years." I saw him roll his eyes under his sunglasses. "Come on, Phil. There's an open house tomorrow in Anaheim. I think we should go." Phil was just glancing down the beach. "That's cruel." I looked over and saw a boy maybe Scarlett's age destroying the girls' castle. "I'm gonna say something." Phil laughed. "Don't make a scene." I saw Scarlett, who looked pissed, and Ruby, who didn't care. "Hey! That's not cool." Scarlett yelled as I followed up behind her, picking Ruby out of the sand. "Oh, you got your brother to follow you up. Too scared to face me?" I heard Scarlett growl. "I'm her father, thank you." The boy laughed. "You're too young." "I'm 33." "Whatever. I'll get my dad- HEY DAD!" He yelled as Scarlett looked up at me. "Daddy, please don't make a scene. Remember the football (soccer) game?" Ah, the football game. Some ref gave Scarlett a yellow card for Scarlett being physical, and I made a scene. I don't even like that sport. "What are you doing harassing my kid?" A man, buff as hell and would probably kill me, asked as I tried to act like a mature parent. I had to stop cursing, thanks to Phil who made me. "I'm not. Your son was harassing my daughter." I handed Ruby to Scarlett. "Scarlett, go to your dad. I'll be right there." The son looked at me, confused. "I thought you were the dad?" The man laughed. "He's just the babysitter." His eyes facaded to my ring finger, showing the dazzling ring. He started to laugh really hate. "Ha, he's a fag! Explains a lot." That's when I reached my breaking point. "You fucking homophobic bastard! It's 2025! I have a perfect family, better than yours will ever be! And my daughter shows that even being near your son!" I felt a tap on my back. It was Scarlett. "Nice one, daddy." The boy laughed. "D-d-daddy!" He mocked as I saw Scarlett bite her lip. She pounced and tackled him to the sand, getting fistfuls of sand and dropping them in his mouth. She stood up and kicked him in the balls, then walking next to me. "Try me." The man rushed for to his child as I saw Scarlett smile. "Thanks, dad." I noticed she didn't say daddy, and it kinda hurt. "It's doesn't matter hold old you are-" she cut me off. "I'll still call you daddy." We walked up the beach back to Phil and Ruby, who were playing in the sand. "Can we get ice cream?" I smiled. "Yes, we can. Just lets get dad and ruby, okay?" I saw her walk over to Phil and grab Ruby. "Come on, dad. We are going to get ice cream!" Phil looked at me and I nodded. He stood up and the girls ran down the black cement. "So what neighborhood is the house in? Y'know it may be a good idea." I shook my head. "Let's skip it. We should stay in London." Phil smiled. "I thought so." He grabbed my hand and we walked hand in hand down the boardwalk.

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