The Forgotten Holiday


1. The Forgotten Holiday

Memorial Day

People invite their friends and family to have a good time

They have great food and drinks

Neighbors get to know each other

Children laugh and play

School is cancelled for this day

Many have the day off of work

Stores close early

Flags wave

But most do not realize the importance

They do not see the holiday as they should

It is a day of partying

Not remembering those who have died for our freedom

In their eyes

Parents fail to teach their children the significance of this date

The young see it as a day with no school

Nothing more

Nothing less

When you greet someone on December 25

You automatically say, "Merry Christmas!"

Even in the weeks before and after 

This phrase is used

So shouldn't the same respect be given to this holiday

When we honor the men and women

Who gave their very lives

So we can have the clothes on our backs

Now I challenge you

To pay better attention to these days

Veteran's Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Independence Day

and another forgotten holiday

Memorial Day

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