The story of Thalia Smith

Thalia, Thalia, Thalia the antisocial caterpillar. Butterfly's are social!!
So this is the story of Thalia Smith.
Two things she's learnt in school:
•boys are idiots
•stay in school

Enjoy x


2. Chapter 2

I was like stop. Stop. Stop. This is not happening. I’m going to have to act ‘natural’ around Josh. Calla’s going to be flirting with him the whole night. Amy’s going to be talking to Nick about studying. And Jonathon…

“Thals, tell mom Riley’s coming round for dinner” said Jonathon. Great. I’m going to be even more of a loner.

“Ok, Jonny” I said.

I made my way to the kitchen where Mum was cooking dinner.

“Hi Mum, Amy said to tell you that Nick and Josh are coming for dinner. And Jonny said that Riley coming.” I told Mum.

“That’s great! I’ve cooked enough food to feed an army. Why don’t you invite Dallas?” Mum said.

My face suddenly shone. Great idea. Dallas and I can talk while, Calla and Josh flirt it’ll take my mind off of things. “Mum, you’re a GENUIS, I’ll go ask her now.” I said.

I decided that I’ll run to her house, some good fitness. So I stuck on my favorite, black running shorts, my Adidas pink top, with the cut out in the middle and my bright pink Asics. I grabbed my phone and ear phones and ran listening to Demi Lovato.

Dallas’ house is only 2km’s away so I ran there quite quickly. I stopped in her front yard, you could see the marking from when we were younger and used to play hopscotch. I walked up the pathway to her front door and rang the bell.

Her Mum answered. “Good Morning Mrs. La’verno, is Dallas home?” I asked.

“Hello Thals, Dallas is home I’ll call her now for you.” She said with one of those smiles that could melt New York City taxi driver’s hearts.

“Sup, Thals?” Dallas said, running towards the doorway.

“Well, I was wondering if you want to come for dinner tonight. Josh, Nick and Riley are coming. Please… I beg you, save my butt” I said, well I didn’t say it… I begged her.

“Thals, would I ever say no?” she said laughing.

“Jonathon’s going to be there?” she asked.

Dallas like Jonathon, Jonny is the same age as me, matter of fact he’s my twin, but his girlfriend Riley, she’s… special? I think that’s the nicest way to put it.

“Awesome! Yay! I’m not going to be lonely! Of course Jonny’s going to be there, he is my brother.” I said laughing.

“Run back with me?” I asked.

“Sure, let me go get changed.” Dallas said.

I waited on her front porch for a bit longer, I was admiring the way her house looks, all the bits and bobs all over the place. It sure feels like home. Then I noticed, this person who was waving to be while running, it took me a while to connect the dots, it, it was Josh. He was looking at me. I mentioned that I was a scatterbrain right? Because at that very moment I fell off the bench I was sitting at. Josh came running up the walk way and picked me up. And guess what, Dallas walked in at that exact moment. It’s like crunch!

“Thals are you okay?” Josh asked, my face was going red.

“Other than a bit of sunburn she’s fine. Up you get Thals! We’re running to Thals house, want to join?” Dallas said.

I went absolutely sunburnt! I was trying to single to her with my head, saying No, No, No! Hell to the no!

“Sounds great! We can just take a detour to my house, so I can get clothes for dinner?” Josh replied to Dallas obscure idea.

“Sure! I’m so excited for dinner, Mum’s cooked up a roast with tons and tons of things. I oath she could feed an army.” I said trying my very hardest not to blush, although why would I want to blush? Josh is just a friend, maybe a very good friend, but JUST a friend. Josh takes his arms off me awkwardly. Dallas is already running,

“Come on you slow coaches, anyone would swear you two are in love if you don’t start running soon!” Dallas screamed.

If only she knew that was partly true. Josh and I both go a crimson red, and sooner than you could say “amaze-balls” I was gone.

We run 1.5km but it felt like nothing, running, running just soothes me in a way that’s hard to explain. You know the feeling when someone you like or maybe even love, touches you, you just get that feeling… almost like shivers going down your spine. You want it to stay forever.

Josh breaks the silence by saying “My house, is right there. I’ll be quick I promise”.

I’ve never been to Josh’s house before, but it looks amazing. It’s big, fancy and it makes me remember when I was younger, it looks just like one of those Disney castle, you expect princes and princesses coming out of. Well, Josh is coming out of it and he… looks similar to a prince, in way. His blues eyes that make you feel lost at sea, his chocolate, brown hair that’s makes me think of the chocolate river in Willy Wonker’s chocolate factory. His looks altogether… makes him look like a prince.

“Thals, I’m gonna run ahead, you and Josh need some time to discuss, some things together” Dallas says, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Dals, we have nothing to discuss” I scream, but by the time I said that she was already out of sight.

“What was that about?” Josh asks, walking out of his house.

“Where’s Dallas gone? Not that I mind that she’s not here, I mean I needed to talk to you anyway.” Josh said nervously, he’s usually never nervous talking to me.

“I don’t feel like running right now, so you can talk, we’ll walk and I’ll listen” I said, quite proud of how calmly that came across.

We start walking, it was awkward silence for a bit until Josh said “Thals, I know it was only a few hours but I thought I may as well start on the whole “Cal Thing”. He likes” When Josh said the last bit this voice went all quiet.

Questions keep on turning and churning inside my head. It’s making me feel all upside down.

“Thanks Josh…” is all I can get out of my mouth. Because Calla car is going past and she overs Josh a lift. She said there was no more space left more me. But that was fine, I needed to clear my head. So I just ran, ran from this situation and ran from what felt

I ran and ran and ran. I finally realized I was home. I saw Dallas making her way up my driveway, I tapped her on the shoulder and pulled her up to my room. I just ended up telling her everything… I couldn’t keep it in.

“Darling, let’s you fixed up and make Calla shut her mouth.” Dallas said.

“Okay, but as long as I can choose your clothes. I mean I know what Jonathon likes” I said, with a little smirk on my face. You could see Dallas looked “sunburnt”.

“Dals, are you a little sunburnt?” I asked her, while I was laughing. This only made her go even more red. This is what I call pay back.

“I’m going to take a shower” Dallas said, like she had almost had enough of me and my teasing.

“Maybe, you could was the sunburn off then” I screamed, while she was walking to the bathroom. Dallas was shaking her head, like I’m the crazy one here.

I opened up her bag, and started looking through all her clothes, I finally came across, this gorgeous, grey halter neck top and grabbed her black jeans. Finally I took out her tan, combat boots and there. Now that was something Jonny, would have put together himself.

I started getting out my coffee mask from Lush, its Dals favorite one at my house. Dals and I both don’t wear makeup, which is kind of rare for almost 16 year old girls. I personally think makeup is like plaster trying to cover up what really matters. Bruh, I mean Selena Gomez is so right “Nobody’s perfect”.

Dallas finally gets out the shower and I go in, while screaming “The coffee mask is on my table and your clothes are on your bed”. Yes, that’s right. Dallas has a bed in my house. She’s always at my house anyway, so my dad got her a bedroom and inter joined our rooms.

I turned on the tap, and I felt the warm water suddenly relax my tense body after that eventful run. I used my usual strawberry body wash. I don’t know why I like it so much, it isn’t even that amazing, but I’ve used it for almost my whole life. It feels like a part of me and if you take it away… I won’t be half the person I was. That’s probably because of all the memories that came along with it. I remember when Calla was still a nice person, it doesn’t even feel like long ago. I miss the old Calla.

After all my dramatic shower session, I turn the tap off and walk out to see Dallas all ready. My clothes were laid out on my bed. It was my black “free spirit” top with my white long dungaree, with rips at the knees. Dallas knows me too well. I had my Adidas superstars to go with it. It’s like this outfit was made for me.

“Dals, you chose my favorite outfit. You know me way to well” I said, grinning my heart out at her.

“Well, you didn’t do badly yourself! Now go! Get dressed, I’m hungry.” Dallas said.

I ran and put on my clothes, I didn’t even bother with the mask. Dallas and I then walked out of my room arm in arm, we were walking in sync.

Dinner, the one thing I have been dreading the most, since Josh told me about it. It’s going to be him and Calla arm in arm the whole time, flirting and maybe even kissing. Josh is one of my best friends, I don’t want Calla to hurt him… even if she’s my sister.

We start walking down the stairs. I saw Amy and Nick talking, so obviously Josh was here to then? Well, maybe. Calla did give him a ride and probably showed him her "special place" the one she shows all the guys to get them to fall for her.

Sometime it works sometimes it doesn't. But I'll here about it in the car on the way to school tomorrow.

Dallas and I went to talk our seats.

I was sitting next to Dallas and unfortunately Josh too. Then Calla was next to Josh. On the other side of the table was, Amy, Nick, Jonny and Riley. Mom and Dad were eating upstairs.

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