Rose and Draco

Harry Potter has a twin sister named Rose and t fist she (Like her brother hated Draco Malfoy) but as time went on she grew to love him and he grew to love her.



6. Back at Dumbledores's

 When I get home I flop down on my bed and just think of all that has happened.From Harry and the Weasley's deciding my fate, even though I am a grown adult, to Draco. I don't know what to think anymore...

I let my thoughts captivate me. Since I've with Dumbledore almost all of my life know how to loose myself in anything. The good thing about my life when I was living with Dumbledore was that his house is hidden, so we never worried about anyone trying to hurt us. Now I just feel so exposed. I have to decide about what I'm going to do about Malfoy. Now the was magical. It felt so right. But it could never happen. With his past, he's an ex Death Eater. I can't be with him, he'll just end up  hurting me...or worse kill me. All of a sudden I start to hear cracking noises. I roll off my bed, grab my wand from my night stand, hold it out in front of me and slowly walk out of my room. I hear the faintest voice calling my name.


Now my instants should be to figure out what spell to use or, what the hell is it. But my mind is so confused that I just keep walking towards the noise. I hear more cracking noises and make my way out to the living room, where I see the fireplace, with a fire going. 

"ROSE!!" The voice calls again. "Rose!! Over here!! In the fireplace!!" I walk over to the fire place and kneel down. Then I can see who is calling my name. It's Harry...

''Harry? What-How? Ugh!!"

"What? How I got in your fireplace? Well, you said you were in Dumbledore's house still so I thought I could talk to you, since you left without saying anything."

"Really, you want to ask why I left??!!"

"Harry your so stupid! I walk downstairs and I hear everyone talking, about me. Deciding where I'm going to stay. What I'm going to do!! Even thought I am 19!! I can make my own decisions. I can live on my own!!"

"Yeah, but-"

"NO HARRY!! You did NOTHING!! You just sat there!! Letting them say whatever they wanted to say!"

''Rose please-"

"I don't want to hear it Harry, Bye!" I say as I cast a spell to put out the fire, "he just doesn't understand how that hurt me..." 

I can remember the first time I met Draco...I was in my 5th year of Hogwarts and I walked to his office but to my surprise he was talking with someone, him...

I walked in and said "Oh I'm sorry Professor, am I interrupting something?"

"Not at all Ms Potter. Mr. Malfoy and I are just finishing up here."

"Potter your a Potter?! Like Harry Potter?"
"Yes, do you have a problem with that? He's a relative of mine."

"Yeah, he's an ass."

"That's enough Mr. Malfoy. Go back to your dorm."

But reality hits me like a bullet in the leg. Why am I falling for him again??!! He's an ass. He's treated me like shit for years! He-he was a Death Eater! But he had no choice....

I walk around the house looking for food. Of course I have none. 

"Looks like I'm eating at the Three Broomsticks..."

I grab my wand and apparated to The Three Broomsticks.



I arrive at The Three Broomsticks to find a full house. I walk around looking for a table when I can't find one I hear someone calling my name. "Rose! Rose! Rose Over Here!" Turn around and find Linda the owner of The Three Broomsticks. "I knew our best customer would need a table. Been saving this one since the rush started."

"Oh Linda you didn't have to do that. I could have found another table or ate at the bar." 

"Nonsense, we have been feeding you since you were a child. Your the daughter I never had."

"Oh that's so sweet! You're definitely the mother I never had."

"Now what will you have?"

"A Butterbeer and a burger."

"Coming right up!"

I sit and wait for my food to be served and I kind of get lost in my thoughts Out of nowhere I hear, Malfoy's voice asking Linda if I was here. I signaled to tell him that I wasn't there. I listened very carefully just to hear the last part of their conversation.

"If she's not here I guess I'll just walk around and look for a table."

"NO absolutely not!"


"We are packed, all the way, no seats left. We will ring you when a seat is available."

I guess my hiding skill are failing me because Malfoy clearly saw me and is now heading in my direction."






*Hey guys it's me love_fangirling I'm soooo sorry it took sooo long for the next chapter!! I just had school, then I forgot about it and had writer's block. But either way here is the next chapter and I hope you like it. :)


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