The Guy

Have you heard of the sick twisted thing that is Bullying? Well, Ashton and his gang are no exception.Bullying a teenager that has a hard life as it is.but,is Ashton really a mean person or is he just scared to love someone?has no one ever taught him what love is?Will he find out what love is because of his victim?

If interested keep reading.������������

Reader discretion is advised.
There is self harm and starvation to self and suicidal thoughts in this book.if you are sensitive don't read.
There was a fair warning.
Now Enjoy������������


6. Chapter 5 : The Apology

Ashton’s ( P.O.V)

I still couldn’t keep my mind off of jenna.)Well ,to be specific her, self harming.what am I saying? I don’t care. She should just cut deep into her veins and die.

As I was in the middle of my own thoughts, Michael came up to me.

M : “ You’ve been thinking so, what are you thinking ?”

A: “ Nothing what are you talking about ?”

M:”I know you. Your thinking about something that is worrying you.”

A:”fine , it’s Jenna .”

M:” what is wrong with her? Why would you even care about her?”

A:” remember when I got kicked out from smith’s class?

M:” yea?”

A:” well , I heard A whimper and when I walked closer I saw her………

My voice cracked a little. I didn’t want to cry.

M:”what happened? Tell me Ashton?”

A:” I saw her…...self Harming”

Michael stood there quiet.

M:”we need to apologies to her.Self harming is not good……..we need to say sorry.

A:”I won’t. I don’t care about her.”

M :” what happened to my best friend.what happened to the Ashton I knew before he started bullying.the Ashton I knew would never let a person hurt themselves. Where is the Ashton I used to call a brother.”

A:” I can’t.”

M:” well, when you see the Ashton I used to know tell him I want him back and that I miss him.Tell him that I don’t like the new version of the Ashton I know now and that he should come back!

Michael walked away with a disappointed face. I want to but, it is hard to look at a person you have bullied for years and I don’t want to open up to anybody. I haven’t even opened up to Michael and he has been My best friend since I could remember.I can’t say sorry. I just can’t.

Michael (P.O.V)

I can’t believe she does that! I needed to apologize to her. No matter if I lose friends during the way. I know Ashton will change. He needs to or he will lose her. He doesn’t know that I know that he likes Jenna.I can tell.When you have been friends with someone long enough you just know.

As I’m walking, see Jenna at her locker . I’m going to apologize.

M:”Hey Jenna ,can I talk to you?”

J:” Please don’t hurt me.”

She whispered , placing her arm over her face.

M:” no, I just want to talk to you.”

J:” O-okay” she said stuttering a bit.

M:” It’s okay. Don’t be nervous I want to apologize.For bullying you and hurting you.I'm sorry for calling you ugly names. Please just please accept my apology. I want to be your friend.”

Jenna looked a bit shocked. She then looked at me.

J:” I accept your apology but, how do I know you’re not lying.”

M:”I know to trust your ex-bully is hard but,I promise I change.”


M:” want to walk with me to biology?”

J:” okay” she said

It made me happy that she was talking to me without telling me not to hurt her.I promised that I changed so,now I need to show her that I did honestly changed.

Jenna (P.O.V)

I can’t believe Michael apologized to me.It really did shocked me.He is my bully so, it did leave me oblivious.

When we walked into the class .everybody stared at us with confused faces. Except Luke,Calum ,and Ashton.they looked at us with angry expression.I was terrified. I looked at Michael. He gave me a reassuring smile.I smiled back and sat at a desk while trying to explain to the teacher why we were late.I thought michael would sit next to his friends but , he sat next to me .I was a bit nervous he was my bully after all.

The entire class was me taking notes and Michael and the guys giving each other death stares.I guess its going to be like that everyday.

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