The Guy

Have you heard of the sick twisted thing that is Bullying? Well, Ashton and his gang are no exception.Bullying a teenager that has a hard life as it is.but,is Ashton really a mean person or is he just scared to love someone?has no one ever taught him what love is?Will he find out what love is because of his victim?

If interested keep reading.������������

Reader discretion is advised.
There is self harm and starvation to self and suicidal thoughts in this book.if you are sensitive don't read.
There was a fair warning.
Now Enjoy������������


4. Chapter 3: Bruises, Cuts, and Scars

Ashton’s (P.O.V)

I got closer to her.The person I despise the most, Jenna.I was about to hurt her again.when I looked at her,I saw her do something that I do enough of.I saw her hurting herself.She was self harming.I didn't know she did that to herself I...I...feel terrible.She is probably doing it because of me hurting her.She didn't notice me watching her every move.I heard her talking.

Jenna: “This is for ever thinking life would get better.”

She said as she glided the blade deep into her skin drawing out a generous amount of blood.

“This is for trusting anybody in my life.” The tears were rolling down her cheek as she made a second cut into her precious skin that I had to stop abusing.

“This is for ever Falling for Ashton Irwin.”

She said sniffles being heard between her sharp yet,meaningful words.The horrifying words somehow got to me.Her beautiful voice saying those hurtful words that were like spears to my cold heart.No what am I saying she doesn't have a beautiful voice.her words don’t hurt me.If her words were to hurt me, what kind of bully would I be?I left before I could see anything else.All of a sudden I hear a small broken voice behind me.

Jenna's P.O.V

As I was cleaning my wrist off, I heard the sound of small footsteps.My voice was terrible from crying.somehow I managed to get the words “hey” I was trying to figure out who was there.I hope they didn't see me cutting.All I see is the person I hate the most turn around slowly to look at me.For some reason he looked very sad when he looked at me.but,that real quick changed when he saw me,now he had a smirk plastered on his face.I was still shocked to see him sad.He always had a grin.I almost wanted to go up yo him and comfort him but,he's my bully I can't do that.He came up to me and grabbed me and stood me up on my feet.I was shocked he’d never help me.I was looking down at the floor.I looked up to say thx but,was stopped when I saw a sight I never thought I would see.Ashton had a tear falling down his slightly tanned skin.He quickly wiped the tear.

A: “Get Out! Before I hurt you!”

I was scared and ran away.I wondered what was wrong with him.The Ashton I know,my bully,Would never in a million years cry.especially in front of his victim.


It was night I couldn’t stop thinking….about him…..Ashton…..wonder what he’s doing right now….wonder if he is still sad….I guess the world may never know.

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