The Guy

Have you heard of the sick twisted thing that is Bullying? Well, Ashton and his gang are no exception.Bullying a teenager that has a hard life as it is.but,is Ashton really a mean person or is he just scared to love someone?has no one ever taught him what love is?Will he find out what love is because of his victim?

If interested keep reading.������������

Reader discretion is advised.
There is self harm and starvation to self and suicidal thoughts in this book.if you are sensitive don't read.
There was a fair warning.
Now Enjoy������������


21. Chapter 20: Telling Luke

Jenna pov

I'm having trouble breathing. How am I suppose to tell Luke. I know it wasn't hard to tell Cal,but because Ashton told him everything. I didn't say much. What if Luke continues to bully me? OMG! I don't even want to think about it. It's been a few days since I last got beaten. I really hope it's my last.

Mikey and Cal left to ride "Their streets" like they say, but in reality they are just went bike riding. Ashton and I walking down the stairs, to go talk to Luke. When I saw Luke's blue eyes look at me, my knees almost gave out. The age old question keeps popping in my head, will he keep bullying me, when he finds out? I hope not. I'm so scared, Luke looks like and is a Bad Boy.

L: "Hey Ashton and Hey Jenna."

J: "hey Luke."

A: "Hey Luketard, did you make breakfast?"

L: "No Ashtard." I giggled a little at them calling eachother names. Luke looked at me and emailed warmly. I smiled in response.

A: " Luke, we kind of have to talk to you about something serious." Ashton said tears welling up in his eyes.

L: " what's wrong? What happened? Jenna tell me what happened with Ashton."

A: "This isn't about me, it's about Jenna." I looked down in nervousness.

L: "what happened Jenna? This has to be something serious Ashton never cries so this has to be very serious."

A: "Well remember when we used to call Jenna fat pig?"

L : "yeah?" Luke said in a confusing tone.

A: "well ever... Ever since we called her that disgusting name... She started starving herself and sticking her fingers in her mouth... Calum and I stopped her from doing it yesterday. She said she didn't want to keep secrets from you guys and you're the only one who's left to know."

I gave up. All the tears I was trying to hold back fell like there was no tomorrow. I'm scared to look at his reaction. Now he is going to hate me forever. I felt two familiar strong and warm arms wrap around me. It was Ashton. I sobbed into his chest harder and harder.

How is it that Ash always manages to stay. Everyone else leaves, yet he manages to stay. I finally had the courage to look at Luke. He has a disappointed face.

J: "Luke I-" I was cut short.

L: "I'm so sorry Jenna. I didn't know. It's okay if you don't forgive me, but I'm sorry."

A: " Luke there's more." Ash said as his eyes let go of tears. Ash always cries when he talks about my self harm.

L: "Really? How did I make you go through all this pain?"

A: " That WE put her though. She also self harms or cuts herself." Ash said breaking down.

I held him in my arms. He sobbed into my shoulder.

J: "Ash it's fine."

A: "NO ITS NOT! It's all my fault..."

L: " I don't have words. I'm so sorry. I wish that I could go through the pain I put you through." Luke said tears falling from his eyes.

J: "it's okay Luke... I'm fine. Ash and Cal are helping me. I'll be fine. Don't worry about it. You already said sorry that's enough for me." I said smiling at him. Ashton on the other hand was still sobbing into my shoulder. I hugged him tightly.

J: " I'll be back I'm going to bring ash upstairs and try to calm him down."

L: "Okay, I'm so..." I quickly cut him off.

J: "It's okay. I forgave you." I said smiling warmly at him as I walked away with a sobbing Ashton.

A/n: hey lovelies... I'm so sorry it took me so long to publish a new chapter. I've been busy with school and brushing off doing the chapter. I'm very very sincerely sorry. It's been so long since I published. I'm trying to start typing my chapters again. I've also been busy with a new story I'm planning to publish soon. I hope you guys are enjoying this story and if and when I publish the new one and you guys are interest... I hope you like that one too. Once again sorry for the delay. Let me know what you think of the story so far and if I should continue this story. I don't want to continue a story if no one likes it. Thank you guys for taking Time out of your IMPORTANT LIVES to read my stupid story. Once again sorry.

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