On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


20. Twitter

 Anna heard the doorbell ring while she was standing in the bathroom, finishing up her make-up. 
 Tracy peaked her head through the door. "Anna come on, I can't let him in all by myself".
 "Don't be stupid Tracy, I promise he ain't gonna bite you, I'll be out in 5 min". She giggled and closed the dor, hearing Tracy mumbling to herself while heading for the door.
 Anna could hear Tom greeting Tracy, who sounded quite flustered explaining where she was. She kind of understod her friend being self-conscious about how to act around Tom, but she new how calming Tom was to be around. When she came into the living room 10 min later they were chatting like old friends.
 They both turned to face her, Toms face lit up. "Anna you look absolutely breath taking".
 "Thank you,  you look really handsome, like always". She answered blushing, looking at him, he was dressed relaxed in black jeans, T-shirt and a leather jacket.
 "Uhh you two are so sweet you're going to give me a toothache". Tracy said, they both looked at her and all 3 of them starting to laugh.
 Tom looked from one to the other. "Well ladies, we better get going, I hope Italian is acceptable, there isn't exactly much to choose from around here".
 When they walked out on the street, Tom put an arm around each of the, one around Annas waist, the other around Tracys shoulders.
 They had a great time and the food was delicious. Anna was so happy to have her best friend home and even more happy to see her and Tom getting along so well.
 When they had finished the main course, Tom excused himself and went to the bathroom. Tracy picked up her phone, to check her messages while they waitet for their desserts.
 Anna saw how Tracy got increasingly pale and then started to blush, while swiping frantically on her phone. "Wow Anna, I am so sorry".
 "Sorry about what Tracy, what's wrong ?" Anna was confused, what had happened and why was Tracy sorry ?
 Tracy handed her the phone, Anna grabbed it, nervous about what she was about to see. She looked on the twitter feed in disbelief, it was drowning in pictures of Toma having his arm around Tracys shoulder.
 "Someone must have snapped it when you went back for your phone". Tracy looked upset.
 "Tracy you have nothing to be sorry about. Truth be told, I should feel sorry for you, some of the things people write ain't nice at all". Anna said handing the phone back.
 Of course Anna found it annoying, but it wasn't Tracys or Toms fault, they had just waited for her.
 When Tom returned, he spotted right away that something was wrong. "What's wrong ? Are they out of puddings ?"
 "Check out twitter, or facebook or any other social media platform, or maybe actually you shouldn't". Anna said gloomily.
 He took out his phone, swiping around, looking increasingly frustrated and annoyed.
 He put away his phone and walked over to Anna. "Are you okay darling ? I didn't see the photographer, we were just waiting for you chatting".
 "Don't worry, I'm perfectly okay. It is crazy that an innocent picture like that can cause such a commotion. You are certainly popular". She answered, giving him a soft kiss.
 Tom looked at Tracy. "I am so sorry you got dragged i to this, and for the less than nice writings".
 Tracy shook her head. "It's okay Tom, it's not your fault and you know what, they are just jealous".
 At that point their puddings arrived and Tom forgot everything about the pictures. "Hmm I love pudding".
 The girls giggled and started eating their pudding to. After dessert they agreed to hit the nearby pub. 

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