On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


46. Travel plans

 Anna buried herself in the training of Sunburst and the work on her book, to try to forget her longing for Tom, but it didn't work.
 They talked every day, at least once, but ofter two or three times, Tom insisted that he called, so she would send her phone bill through the roof.
 She had desided to enter Sunburst into a big competition to have something to focus on.
 "Wow that is amazing Tracy". Anna was looking at her friend, she had just told her she was going to visit Chris for a month in USA.
 Tracy were smiling. "It might be a bit rash, you know after one night together, but we have been talking a lot and I just think it is something I have to do to see if it goes somewhere".
 "I really hope you'll have a great trip and find out if he is worth sticking with". She wished she had the same courage to jump into things.
 "What about you and Tom ? Aren't you going to visit him soon ?" Tracy was looking at her, waiting for an answer.
 Tom had been in Iceland for nearly two weeks now. "He kkeps asking me to come, but I don't want to be in his way when he is working".
 "Bullocks Anna, tom would never see you as getting in his way, I am sure of that". Tracy took a sip of her tea.
 "Maybe not, but what if everyone else thing I am or that I am an distraction ?" Anna sighed, she missed Tom like crazy.
 Tracy shook her head, putting her cup down. "Stop worrying so much about what others think".
 "You might be right Tracy, sometimes I think to much, I just don't want to hurt his career in any way". She smiled apologetically.
 "He is entitled to a live even though he is famous, and his talent is what is getting him roles, not his girlfriend status". Tracy said firmly.
 When she got home she sent a message to Tom. > call me when you are free sweetie, I need to talk to you about something important <
 It wasn't long before he called her back, he sounded nervous. "Hello darling, I called as soon as possible, is there something wrong ?"
 "Don't fret Tom, and hallo to you, no nothing is wrong, I was just wondering if you still wanted me to visit ?" She smiled at the sound of his voice.
 "Of course darling, you are welcome when ever it suits you, I miss you so much". He sounded happy and relieved.
 Anna smiled to herself. "I miss you to. What about next week, If I can get a ticket".
 "Perfect Anna, but would you please let me take care of the ticket ? Pretty please ?" She could just imagine him making his poppy dog eyes.
 She sighed deeply. "Okay Tom, but only because I know it will make younhappy, and plaese don't go overboard understood ?"
 He laughed lowly. "So no private luxury jet and stretch limo, check I promise that".
 "Thank you, no reason to spend a lot of money, I am just happy to get to be with you". She said happily.
 Someone called for him in the background. "Sorry I have to get back on set, but I'll mail you the ticket darling, and I can't wait to see you. Love you".
 "I love you to, see you soon Tom". She brooke of the call, throwing herself on the bed, at least she got to see him soon.
 The same evening she got a mail with her ticket, he had held his promise, no private jets, but he did book a first class ticket and wrote he would pick her up himself.



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