On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


64. Toms POV


Tom ran after her, Anna had clearly misunderstood what he was trying to say, he was sure about that, but he couldn't get to her before she got on the course, he hoped she would let him explain when she was done.
 He wanted to tell her, that he could live like that anymore, he couldn't be away from her like that, not for weeks or months at a time, he couldn't risk someone else coming along being able to offer her what he couldn't.
 He had decided to put his career on low, he could go back to theatre, he loved that and small movie productions being shoot in England, so they could be together.
 He would even sell the house if she didn't wanted to stay in London, they couldn't get something near her parents, he could commute into London.
 He got scared when he saw the way she was riding, what was she thinking, she couldn't be that set on winning, it had to be her feelings making her act out.
 Tom kicked himself mentally, he should have waited, he should have told her in another way, but he had been so excited and it wasn't so ething he was used to, but he had been losst for words and it came out all wrong.
 It had been so hard in Iceland after she left, he had been so hurt and so angry with himself and upset that he had acted like that in the airport, it had given them all so much trouble.
 He was almost not angry with Zachary anymore, he really tried to stop the rumours, not having much luck and he had taking quite a public beating for it, but he took it all his head held high.
 And how could he blame him for falling in love with Anna ? To him she was the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world, why shouldn't everyone else feel differently ?
 When Sunburst fell he felt his heart stop, he was certain he had lost her, and that without ever having the chance to tell her, that he would give up everything to be with her, he screaned her name.
 He jumped the fence surrounding the course and ran to her, he prayed for her to be alive, he didn't care if she wanted him back, nothing else mattered, she just had to be alright.
 Tom threw himself next to her, she was unconscious and he called for a doctor, thank God she was breathing.
 He didn't dare touch her, afraid to make any injury worse, but he kept talking to her, telling her how much he loved her and thatbshe had to come back to him.
 Luckily a doctor arrived very quickly and then an ambulance, and they started preparing her to go to the hospital.
 Hencalled her parents, telling them wich hospital to go to, so they could get there as fast as possible.
 Someone asked Tom what to domwithnthenhorse, and he asked them to care for it and call the vet if necessary, he would cover any expense.
 He was allowed to go with her in the ambulance and he was holding her hand. The doctor didn't really tell him anything, and he was more afraid than he had ever been before.
 If she died, he wasn't sure he could make it, that he would even want to live, he couldn't imagine a world where her smile didn't exist.
 When the reached the hospital, the took her away and he was shown into a waiting room.
 He was pacing the room restlessly, turning the ring in his pocket, the ring he had hoped he would be allowed to put on her finger.
 Actually he had tried to putnup,the courage to propose to her several times by know, when she visitednhim in London and on Iceland, but every time things had came up and it didn't feel like the right time, and now he might neverbgetbthe possibility.
 Shortlynafter her parent arrived and they both hugged him, happy tomsee him back. He told them that Sunburst had went down on top of her. The doctors still hadn't told how she was doing.
 Finally the door opened and a doctor came in, Tom swallowed and tried to keep himself together enough to listen, was this the moment he would be told that he had lost her forever ?


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