On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


44. Toms mother

 "Is it okay if we just walk ? It is only 20 minutes through the park and the weather is great today". Tom asked.
 She grabbed his hand, actually happy that he asked. "Certainly, I would love some fresh air".
 They walked in silence for a while, their fingers laced together, enjoying the warm sunny weather, but Anna had to ask. "What are you doing now, a new movie ?"
 "Yeah, we start shooting the new Thor movie next week, I fly out to Iceland for almost 2 months". He sighted, squeezing her hand a little harder, like he feared his answer would make her disappear.
 "Oh Iceland should be beautiful". She didn't know what else to say, the thought of being without him for so long physically hurt her, but she had known the day would come.
 He stopped and looked at her. "I will miss you so terrible Anna, maybe you could come visit me ? My role isn't that big, I will have alot of free time".
 "Wouldn't I just get in the way ?" She would love to visit him, but she would hate to feel she was a distraction.
 "Never darling, you could never be in my way". He pulled her close and kissed her gently.
 They walked on, silent again, Anna deep in her own thoughts, she really did love Tom, but she would have to be without him most of the time, even when he was not filming the where living apart.
 At the restaurant they where shown to a table, where his mother were already sitting, she looked almost as Anna remembered, friendly and sophisticated, just now her hair was grey.
 She stod up when they walked over, Tom hugged her, kissing both her cheeks. "So good to see you mom, you rember Anna don't you ?"
 "Of course I remember Anna, oh haven't you grown in to a true beauty my dear, it is so nice to see you again". His mother pulled her in to a friendly hug.
 "Thank you Mrs Hiddleston, it is really nice to see you again to". Anna hugged back, feeling a little more relaxed.
 His mother let her go, sitting back down. "Oh just call me Diana my dear, after all we have known each other a long time".
 Tom pulled out her chair, for her to sit down, before he sat himself down on the last chair.
 His mother wanted to hear how the had met each other again, and Anna gladly told.
 "You know I was so happy when he told me he was seeing you my dear, you were always such a sweet girl". His mother smiled at her and Anna felt entirely at ease.
 Actually the time kind of flew, and Anna was sad to say goodbye to his mother, it had been so nice to see her again.
 "I hope to see you soon dear, hopefully Tom will bring you over when he is back home". His mother said before getting i to her car.
 "My mother totally loves you". Tom said as they walked back through the park, his arm around her shoulder.
 Anna smiled up at him. "I hope so, I almost forgot how sweet your mother is, but know I know who you take after".
 He looked so happy, but Anna could help but speculate how their relationship would deal with all the time apart.
 When they arrived at his house Tracy and Chris where in the kitchen eating, Tracy looked up. "I hope it is okay that we grabbed something to eat".
 "Of course it is fine, I hope you sleept well". Tom said said eyeimg Chris, with a sly smile.
 Chris looked a little uncomfortable and said. "Oh Tom I hope me being here i okay, and know this wasn't in your plans, so I hope I didn't cross any boundaries".
 Tom looked at him, narrowing his eyes, but then he smiled. "Except for you flashing my girlfriend, Imthinkmwe are fine".
 "Whoops, didn't mean to do that". Chris said sheepishly, making Anna blush, cursing Tom for bringing it up.
 Itbwas time for them to pack their things, both feeling melancholy that their London trip was over for this time.


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