On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


18. Tom freaking Hiddleston

 "Hi Tracy, welcome home, you look great". Anna hurried to give her best friend a big hug.
 Tracy stood up and caught Anna in her arms. "You to Anna. It is great to be home, even though it has been such a great trip".
 "You got to tell me everything and show me the pictures. I never seen you this tan". Anna looked at her normally quite pale friend.
 "It was summer down there, and I have been outside most of the time. Unfortunately it has brought out my freckles". Tracy pointet at her nose and laughed, wich made her red curls bounce.
 They ordered hot chocolate and scones. Tracy looked at Anna saying. "But first you, what was that about some guy ?"
 Anna had been thinking alot about how to tell and how much to tell, she couldn't just blurt out, Oh by the way I'm dating Tom Hiddleston.
 "I met someone or actually he saved me. Sunburt bolted and my rein broke. And there he was, the prince on the white horse, caught her and saved me". Anna said.
 Tracy eyes bulged. "Oh my God, I'm so happy you are okay. But seriously for real ? I mean he was on a horse ?"
 Anna laughed. "Yes for real and the horse was even white. He turned out to be a real gentleman and he asked for my number so he could check up on me".
 "And then you started dating ? That so not like you, he must be really special". Tracy looked at her in surprise.
 "I already knew him or I used to, he used to live here a long time ago, before you moved here. I had a crush on him back then and apparently he had one on me". Anna had never told Tracy about Tom before.
 Tracy made a face like she had seen the cutest puppy. "That is so romantic, you have just been waiting for faith to put you back together".
 Anna chuckled. "Okay that might be stretching it quite a bit, but we met to catch up and well we just clicked".
 "And then on to the really interesting stuff. Is he hot ?" Tracy looked at Anna expectantly.
 "You know taste is different, but I think he is kind of hot and he just got the sexiest behind ever". Anna said, blushing a bit, still pondering how to tell Tracy the truth.
 Tracy lokked at her, her eyebrows raised in utter surprise. "Just a moment, did you ? Already ? Oh I can tell you did your little hussie. I thought you believed in waiting".
 Now Anna knew her face was bright red. "You know I am an adult right ? There is nothing wrong with it. He is just so.. So.. You know, I just can't seem to keep my hands of him".
 "I am so happy for you Anna, you deserve a wonderful man in your life". Tracy smiled happily at her.
 "And that he is. And you are going to meet him. But now you are going to tell me all about Australia". Anna answered.
 For the next hour they were talking about Tracys trip and looking at all her pictures. 
 Tracy fot up. "I just need to go to the bathroom, can I get you anything on my way back ?"
 "A cup of tea would be nice".  Anna answered, still looking at all the beautiful pictures.
 5 minutes later Tracy came running back, red in the face looking totally flustered.
 Anna looked at her astonished, that wasn't like Tracy to act like that. "Something wrong Trace ?"
 Tracy put a finger to her lips. "Shh keep your voice low and do not freak out, guess who is right here, standing up by the counter ?"
 "I have no idea, who could get you so worked up ?" Anna said, she had a pretty good idea though.
 "Tom Hiddleston.. Seriously I didn't believe my own eyes, but it is really him, he is up by the counter". Her eyes were big and her voice excited.
 Anna just got the perfeck idea to break the truth about her and Tom to Tracy, and to fuck just a bit with her friends head. She put up a really excited face and said. "Oh my God, come on lets go say hallo".
 Tracy briskly walked after her while frantically whispering. "No Anna, we can't, I am sure he just want to be left alone".
 "We are just going to say hallo, I have heard he is great with his fans". Anna had a hard time keeping a straight face, thinking about how Tracy would react.
 There he was, all alone by the counter, he had just ordered something to go, Anna walked up behind him, smacking his ass, she heard Tracy gasping loud.
 Tom turned around eyeing her, she winked at him and said affectionately. "Hallo handsome, what a surprise to see you here, I am a big fan".
 "I just love meating my fans". He smiled crookedly, grabbed her and pulled her in kissing her passionately. Anna wished so much she could se Tracys face.
 "I had heart you were always nice to fans, but this might be a bit over the top". Anna said smiling when Tom let go of her.
 Tom was looking at Anna, then at Tracy and then at Anna again whispering. "Uhh honey, I think there is something wrong with your friend".
 Anna turned to face Tracy, who just stod there, looking catatonic, her mouth open and her eyes threatening to jump out their sockets. "Sorry Tracy, I just couldn't help it. This is my boyfriend Tom, the one I told you about. Tom this is my best friend Tracy".
 "Only good things I hope. Nice to meet you Tracy, Annas friends are my friends". Tom flashed his sweetest smile.
 Tracy managed to pick her chin of the floor, but she stil looked rather flustered. "Oh hi, nice to meet you to. Wow I don't know if I ought to kneel".
 Tom threw back hisnhead laughing, Tracy realised she had said thenlast partnout loud and her face got red, but then she started laughing to.
 "I got to get back, I got a couple of calls to make, talk to you later my beautiful". Tom picked up his paper cup and kissed Anna lightly.
 Anna still had a big grin on her face, Tracynwas going to,kill her in a moment, but it had been worth it. "Call me when you done sweetie".
 "Nice to meet you Tracy". Tom gallantly grabbed her hand, kissing it gently making Tracy blush again.
 When Tom was gone Anna looked at friend. "I'm so sorry, but I couldn't help it, you should have seen your face".
 "You are dating Tom freaking Hiddleston, you.. You shite". Tracy said, but then she started giggling. "Why the hell didn't you tell me ?"
 "I didn't know how to tell you, and this way was so much more fun, you have to admit it". Anna said now giggling to.
 Tracy grabbed her hand, pulling her back to their table. "You know you're going to tell everything again, and this time I want every detail".

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