On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


63. "this isn't Working"

 Anna was nervous, today was the day of her big competition with Sunburst and in the evening Tom would be landing in London tomtell her if there were a future for them.
 She wasn't sure what he would say when he got home, she felt he had gotten more and more distant over the last weeks, and she feared all the bad press they had gotten had made him reconsider forgiving her.
 Zachary had gone public and denied there was anything but friendship between them, but when somebody sold a video of Tom hitting him in the airport nobody believed him.
 Tom had refused tomanswer any questions about the matter and Anna was sure that was Lukes doing, he had sent out a official apology for acting unworthy at the airport.
 Anna had turned down all enquiries and stayed away from social networks, she couldn't handle all the hate bot she and Zachary had been getting, and hoped that itnwould be forgotten with time.
 She had already done her dressage test and the cross country course and it had gone really well, and now she only had the jumping left.
 "Anna". She heard her name being call, and turned around, Tom was walking toward her through the crowd.
 "Tom, I wasn't expecting you before late in the evening, what are you doing here ?" She looked at him surprised.
 He looked at her very seriously. "I caught teh red eye i stead, I couldn't wait any longer, I have to talk to you about us".
 Anna felt a hard knot in her stomach growing in record recordspeed, threatening to suffocate her. "Oh that sounds serious Tom".
 "It is Anna, this is not working darling, I can't go on living like this". He bit his lip nervously.
 "It is okay Tom, I understand. Excuse me, I have to get on the course now". She jumped on to Sunburst back, kicking the horse forward.
 Tom tried to catch her rain, but she drove Sunburst into a canter. "Anna wait, listen to me, let me explain".
 But she could handle hearing his explanation right now, about the press and his career and the rumours, the tears was stinging her eyes, he had given up on her and she only had herself to blame.
 She was called on the course, so she rode in, in there Tom couldn't reach her, and she could have a few more minutes, before she had to listen to him tear her whole world down.
 She couldn't se much, her sight blurred from tears, but she kicked Sunburst to go faster, much faster than she should have, trying to escape to run the only way possible.
Sunburst flew and cleared the jumps from crazy angles, the audience gasped at every fence, but all Anna could focus on was Tom words, repeating in her head.
 By the sixth fence it all went wrong, she felt it as soon as they left the ground, the horse stumbled and only cleared half the fence, Sunburst tried to save them, but it got a bar between the front legs and Anna new they where going to fall.
 It was like everything went in slow motion, Sunburst tumbled, Anna hit the ground hard and saw the horse coming against her, and just before it landet on her with crushing force she heard Tom scream her name, the everything went black.


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