On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


43. Things you do not want to see in the morning

 "What time are you planning on leaving ?" It was the next morning and Tom asked Anna over the breakfast table.
 She shrugged. "We haven't really set a fixed time, sometime in the afternoon I think, Tracy is still sleeping".
 "I thought you might want to go with me to have lunch with my mother ?" He was rubbing his neck nervously.
 Anna got nervous, she hadn't seen his mother for many years, what if she didn't think her good enough for her famous son ? But she knew it meant alot to him. "Of course Tom, I would love to, I just have to clear it with Tracy"
 Toms face split into a huge grin. "Why don't you go talk to her, she should be waking up by now".
 Anna hurried up the stairs, it was already their last day i London, and she didn't know when she would se Tom again.
 "Morning Tracy, is it okay if.." Anna opened the door, but stopped in her tracks, turned around and closed the door behind her.
 Okay her mother had told her to always knock, but she had expected Tracy to be sleeping heavily and alone.
 The door opened slightly and Tracy slid out a robe around her. "Whoops, morning Anna".
 "Sorry Tracy, I didn't expected the company". She was looking at her feet blushing.
 "It is okay Anna, how could you know. But what was it you cane to say ?" Tracy asked.
 Anna looked confused, then she remembered why she went up there. "Oh yeah, Tom invited me to luch with his mother before we go home, I wanted to know if you would be okay on your own, but I guess you wont be alone". Anna said lifting one eyebrow.
 Tracy smirked. "No I guess I wont, but of course just get out of here, and take your time by all means".
 "Don't think you do not owe me an explanation later miss Tracy". Anna said before Tracy slipped back into the room grinning. Anna went downstairs to Tom.
 "Something wrong ? Is Tracy okay ?" Tom was looking at her confused and worried, her face when she walked into the kitchen telling him something was wrong.
 Anna pulled a face. "I think she is more than okay, I just didn't wanted to start my day of getting mooned by Captain America".
 Tom just stood their his mouth slightly ajar looking completely dumbfounded and Anna broke down in a fit of giggles, that made her unable to breathe.
 "I think I have to have a serious talk with Chris, that wasn't what I meant when I asked him if he needed a date". Tom actually looked like he would walk up to the room to tell him off.
 Anna put a hand on his shoulder sitting him down on the chair. "They are both adults Tom, and I do not think you should worry about Tracy feeling exploited, more likely the other way around".
 "Are you okay with it ?" He pulled her down onto his lap, running his fingers down his arm.
 Anna smiled. "It is fine with me, let them choose if it was just one night of fun or if they want to take it farther. And Chris has a cute ass, I think I live".
 "Oh so you think that do you". He grabbed her tight with one arm and tickled her relentless.
 "Stop Tom, please stop. And yes I do think that, but not halfway as cute as yours". She grabbed his hand to stop him from tickleling her and he kissed her instead.
 She jumped of his lap, and started to clean out the table, Tom got up to help her. "We better get out of her soon Anna".
 "Is it okay if I just change my top and run a brush through my hair ?" She asked and he nodded.
 Anna walked up to the bedroom, her skinny jeans were okay for lunch, but she put on a nice blouse instead of her T-shirt, and pulled her hair up into a messy bun. She put of a little mascara and a splash of lipgloss.
 "I'm ready Tom". She hurried down the stairs, Tom was waiting in the hall, holding out her jacket to her.
 She could feel the tension growing in her stomach, she remembered Toms mother as nice and friendly, but then she was just her youngest daugthers school friend, know she was her only sons girlfriend, could she measure up ?

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