On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


42. The party

 "Wow Tom, you were amazing". Anna was beaming at him, as they were waiting for there limo after the movie.
 She smiled and gently trailed a finger down her cheek. "Thanks darling, I had so much fun doing it".
 "But I have to admit, it was just a little bit fun when you got Hulk smashed". She said grinning.
 "Oh so you thought that amusing did you now ?" He said in his Loki voice, lifting one eyebrow.
 She found it amazing and a little unsettling how he almost seemed like an entirely different person, when he did that. "Yep it was the best".
 "Are you okay with going to the after party ? Or do you want to head home ?" He looked at her waiting for an answer.
 She watched Chris E and Tracy coming over, smiling. "If it is okay with Tracy, I would really like to go".
 "I am all for a party, you are goint to right Chris ?" She was looking at her date questioning.
 He put one arm around her waist. "Of course, I want to danse with me beautiful date".
 They went outside, there still was alot of fans waiting, and both Tom and Chris E spend some time on autographs, photos and questions, before getting into the limo.
 The party was in an old warehouse, and had a dance floor and at couch area to sit and talk in.
 Anna started talking with Scarlet, and she found her to be really sweet and funny, Tom went to the bar to get them champagne.
 "Kom dance with me, please". Tom was pulling her arm gently making puppy dog eyes, he had tried to get her to dance for ten minutes now.
 Anne got up and looked at Scarlet sighing. "I guess I have to give in, I don't think he is going to stop begging".
 They went out on the dancefloor, and Anna had a hard time keeping up with Tom, she found his dancing a little funny, but he just seemed som happy and confident doing it, that it made him great.
 Her shoes were not made for daning for hours, so she happily let both Scarlet and Tracy step in, so she could rest her feet, Tom just seemed to be able to dance until morning.
 "Nope we plead the 5th amendment". Scarlet looked at Anna, Tracy and Elsa who all nodded in agreement. Tom, Jeremy and both Chrisses had had a dance off and wanted them to declare a winner.
 "Darling, you think I won, don't you ?" Tom sat down next to Anna, nozzling her cheek with his nose.
 "Oh no Tom, that isn't fair, you and Chris are sleeping with the judges". Chris E were looking very indignant.
 They all laughed and Anna whispered into Toms ear. "Yes I think you won, but don't tell the others".
 His face lighted up in a huge childish grin, and he gently grabbed her face, kissing her.
 "Are you ready to head home ?" Tom came up behind Anna, she was standing at the bar talking with Mark and Robert, Tom had been out dancing again.
 She looked up at him smiling. "Yeah I am actually getting a bit tired, I just have to find Tracy".
 "No need, she is having a great time and Chris has promised to get her home safe, I told her were the spare key is". Tom said.
 They said goodbye to Robert and Mark, and waived at Chris E, Tracy, Jeremy and Scarlet who were out on the dance floor, Chris H and Elsa had gone home about an hour earlier.
 On the way out Tom said goodbye to some of the production people who where sitting in the couches.
 When they sat in the limo, Anna snuggled up to Tom whispering. "Thank you for the most amazing evening ever".
 "I am just so happy younhad a great time, and everyone adored you". He pulled her closer, kissing her on her hair.
 "Everyone was so nice, I totally forgot that they are big movie stars". She said smiling.
 Tom thanked their chauffeur, and he drove the limo back to wait for Tracy and Chris E.
 "Oh my God, it feels so good to get these heels of". Anna sighed, when she kicked of her shoes.
 Tom pulled of his smoking jacket, untied his bowtie, opened the top buttons of his shirt and kicked of his shoes. "Oh yes, it is always nice to get out of the galla after one of those evenings".
 Anna smiled and grabbed both ends of his untied butterfly, pulling him down to kiss him. "You look great in a tux love, but you look even better of it".
 He kissed her greedily and she unbuttoned the rest of his dress shirt, pulling it of him.
 She pushed him down on the bed, then she unzipped her dress, letting it slide to the floor. Tom was staring at her intently, his tongue running over his bottom lip.
 She crawled onto the bed, straddling him, he was leaning on his elbows, waching her like she was palatable.
 Anne let her nails trail down his sculpted chest, she never tired of the sight of his strong lean body.
 She kissed kissed along his collarbone, then letting her tongue teasingly glide up his neck, whispering into his ear. "I am going to make you moan my name before I'm done with you".
 Tom looked at her surpriced by her being to forward, then a mischievous smile spreed on his face, and he turned her onto her back, him on top of her. "Not if I make you scream mine first".



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