On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


6. The gentleman

 Tom gallantly held the door open for her, the he offered her his arm and they walked up to the disk. The greater look up and recognised Tom. "Good evening Mr Hiddleston, Miss and welcome to Luigis, let me show you to your table right away".
 "Thank you very much". Tom said, taking Annas coat and hanging with his own in the wardrobe.
 They followed the greater to a cosy booth in a quiet part of the restaurant. Tom pulled out her chair and she sat down, smiling shyly, she wasn't used to that kind of gallantry even on real dates.
 Their waiter came with the menu, there was so much delicious food to choose from, Anna desided on pasta and chicken, Tom ordered the same, along with a bottle of their best wine.
 They small talked, while waiting for their food. The conversation feelt like it was only months or maybe weeks since they saw each other and not years ago.
 "I actually didn't think you would recognise me". She said smiling between bites of the delicious food.
 He finished his bite to answer. "Of course I would recognise you, those eyes and that pretty smile is not something one forgets, but I have to admit you have changed quite a bit".
 "I just had to do something, I was so tired of being the fat girl, so I picked myself up, changed the whole way of eating and thinking food and started exercising. It took me just over a year to loose 67 lbs". She answered.
 He caught her hand. "I already found you beautiful before, but you lokk fantastic Anna, you should be really proud of your achievements".
 "Thanks, but it was nothing special". She felt her face get hot, she wasn't used to getting compliments and definitely not from handsome movie stars.
 He let go of her hand so he could finish his food, after a couple of bites he looked up at her, smiling shyly. "Actually I might have been a bit infatuated in you back then".
 Anna actually choked on her wine, wich made her cough and splutter, Tom swiftly got up and gently padded her back.
 "Are you okay Anna ?" He looked worried and she nodded and got the last wine coughed up.
 She took her napkin wiping her mouth. I'm so sorry Tom, I choked on the wine".
 "I don't hope it was on my account". He sat back down on his chair.
 "You just caught me of hand, I mean, I don get it, I was just your sisters fat friend". She stumbled over the words, unsure how to explain, she couldn't believe he had liked her like that.
 He shook his head smiling. "I though you were pretty, and you where always smiling and being so nice to everyone, the i personality is so much more important than the look".
 She could help but laughing, it was a mix of being nervous and the surprise of his honesty. He put on a mock hurt face. "Are you laughing at me ?"
 "No, no sorry, I know it is not nice laughing, but it is just so absurd, I had such a crush on you back then, but I was sure you would never look my way". She smiled apologetic.
 "To bad we were both to shy to admit back then". He caught her eyes in his mesmerisesing gaze, and she feel her face go red again.
 They had finished the pasta, and Tom was looking at the dessert menu. "What do you think about Italian ice-cream and fresh fruit ?"
 She licked her lips. "Uh yes that sounds delicious and a cup of tea would be great to".
 He looked at her kind of surpriced, then he smiled and ordered the ice-cream and fruit and a big cup of tea for both of them.
 They talked and laughed and forgot everything about time, befor the waiter discretely cleared his throat, telling them they were closing in 15 min.
 Tom apologised several times, and asked for the check, he insisted on paying, then he helped Anna in to her coat and held the door for her saying. "I gues I have to hurry you home befor you turn into a pumpkin".
 He offered her his arm and they walked to the car, ehere he opened her door. 
 On the ride home Anna started to feel really tired, it had been a long day and she stifled a yawn.
 "I am sorry it got so late, you look exhausted". He was looking at her worries in his eyes.
 She shook her head. "Stop it you silly you, I had a wonderful evening, you have absolutely nothing to apologise for".
 He thoughtfully bid his lover lip. "I am so happy you feel that way, then maybe you will allow me to se you again ?"
 "Of course, I would love to". She smiled and made herself as cosy as one can get in a car seat. It would be great to get home in bed.
 "Anna wake up sweetie". She woke up, when he sofly shook her shoulder, squatting in the open car door.
 She sat up, picked up her bag and said, mostly to herself. "Oh my God, so embarrassing, I feel asleep. I hope I didn't snore or drooled".
 definitely not, you look very adorable when you sleep". He smilingly offered her his hand, and helped her get out the car.
 He walked her to the front door, and she turned to him smiling. "Thank you so much for a wonderful evening Tom, I had such a nice time".
 "Me to Anna, me to". He grabbed her hand and kissed it softly. "Se you beautiful, sleep well".
 She unlocked the door, tiptoeing in, she didn't want to wake up her parents and get the third degree rigth now.

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