On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


41. The Avengers

 "It's not a problem is it ? Chris is a very nice guy". Tom looked at Tracy waiting for an answer.
 She blinked a couple of times and looked at him as he had just sprouted horns. "A problem ? By God no, it's not a problem, he's freaking Captain America".
 Tom grinned widely and went to open the door as Chris knocked, the two men gave each other a friendly hug.
 "Chris this is the love of my life Anna, Anna this is Chris, as I am sure you know". Tom presented them, making Annas stomach do flip flops from his words.
 "Hi Chris, so nice to meet you". Anne smiled and stuck out her hand, but Chris just pulled her into a hug.
 "Really nice to meet you to Anna, I through Tom was exaggerating, but you truly are stunning". He said.
 Tom cleared his throat rater loudly and Chris let go of Anna. "And this is Tracy, your date for the evening".
 Chris sent her a million dollar smile, pulling her into a hug. "An honor, you look amazing, thanks for being my date".
 "Uh, thanks you look really great to, and nice to meet you". Tracy blushed and sent Anna a happy smile over his shoulder.
 "Let's get going, we do not want to be late". Tom said putting his arm around Anna.
 Chris offered his arm to Tracy, and thay all went out to the limo Chris had arrived in. Neither Tracy or Anna had ever been in a limombefore, and they were blown away by the room inside.
 Chris poured them each a glass of champagne and they toasted to a fantastic evening.
 When they got close to the cinema, they were holding in line behind a couple of other limos, the sound of a big crowd was already loud and Anna started to get nervous.
 "Something wrong darling ? You seem a little pale". Tommputba hand on her arm looking worried.
 She breathed in deeply, she didn't want to ruin his big night. "It's nothing Tom, just a tiny bit of nerves, all those people watching me and meeting all those stars".
 "Don't worry, everybody are very nice and you already meet the most important ones". Tom said winking.
 There limo stopped at the end of the red carpet and Chris grabbed Tracys hand. "Are you ready to blow them away gorgeous ?"
 She nodded and smiled, the door were opened and Chris got out, helping Tracy to get out gracefully, he offered her his arm, using his free arm to wave at the crowd.
 When Tom got out the sound escalated violently, he offered his hand to Anna, and she got out by his side, the sound almost overwhelming.
 "I don't think they have realized that you are the bad guy Tom". Chris said laughing padding his shoulder.
 "Ehehehehe". Tom laughed his trade mark laugh. He put his arm around Anna, leading her down the red carpet.
 When they reached the entrance, there was filled with photographs and cameras, all yelling for them to look their way or asking questions.
 Anna tried desperately to smile friendly to everyone and to get caugh from a stupid angle, but it was hard as all the flashes blinded her.
 "Hey Chris, who is your date ?" One of the photographers yelled as Chris and Tracy approach the door.
 Chris stopped smiling happily, he looked at Tracy and said. "My very beautiful date, her name is Tracy".
 Another photographer pushed forward through the crowd yelling. "Is she your girlfriend then ?"
 "She might be, who knows". Chris said grinning, then he pulled Tracy with him inside, her face a more vivid red than her hair.
 Tom and Anna also went inside, it was a relief to get away from all the noice and flashing light, even though there was still alot of people.
 The room was filled with a loud booming voice shouting. "Hey Hiddles, you old bastard".
 Chris Hemsworth approached them fast, grabbing Tom and pulling him into a bear hug.
 The only thing Anna could think was, oh my good he is giant, not that he was much taller than Tom, but he was so buff like a brick house.
 "Hey Chris, long time no see mate. Did you bring Elsa ?" Tom greated his friend, looking for his wife.
 Chris H pointed to some couches. "Yes, she is just resting for a bit, she is getting quite big by now".
 He turned to Anna, smiling friendly. "And you must be Anna, Tom has told so much about you".
 "Only good things i hope ? Nice to meet you". Anna said smiling, feeling relaxed around him right away.
 Chris H pullede her into his big arms giving her a warm hug. "Definitely only good things, about how beautiful you are, and he wasn't lying".
 Anna blushed, apparently Tom had been singing her praises to everyone, know he came to her rescue. "Let's go say hallo to Elsa".
 They walked over to the couches, where Chris H's pregnant wife were sitting, Anna thought she was really sweet and beautiful as only pregnant woman are, glowing from the inside.
 Tracy held on to Chris E's arm like she was afraid of drowning, she didn't quite know what to do with herself.
 "Hey I am not late for the party, am I". A voice sounded behind them, Anna turned to see Robert Downey Jr strolling toward them.
 She realised that she wouldn't have been able to tell if he was himself or he was his role Tony Stark, it was as if they were one person.
 "This beauty I know, so nice to see you again Elsa". He said, galantly kissing her hand.
 "But these two very beautiful creatures, I haven't had the honor of being introduced to". He said looking at Anna and Tracy over the rim of his glasses.
 It was Tom who stepped up to answer. "This is my beautiful girlfriend Anna, and her friend Tracy, who are Chris date tonight".
 "It is an honor ladies, these knuckle heads has definitely been over scoring". Robert grabbed first Annas hand and then Tracys kissing them both.
 "Hey boy, are we behaving ?" Scarlet Johansen joined them, hugging all her friends and Elsa.
 "And you must be Toms Anna, I heard so much about you". She came over, pullimg Anna in to a hug.
 Anna like her immediately, answering with a grin. "It seems he has been talking quite a lot".
 "Oh yeah, I can garentee you that much". Scarlett smiled and winked at Anna, slapping Tom playfully on the shoulder.
 She turned to Chris E and Anna. "But I didn't know you were bringing a date Chris".
 "This is Tracy, Annas friend, Tom called me asking if I wanted a gorgeous date". Chris E answered smiling, Scarlett smiling and hugging Tracy.
 Anna found it all a bit overhelming, all those very famous people, but they all seemed so nice and normal, that she forgot who they were.
 At the last minute Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner arrived, and she got to meet then for a shortnhallo, befor it was time to,go in and watch the movie.


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