On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


58. Talking With Zac

 Anna grabbed her jacket, she didn't really know what to do, she felt she had to talk to Zachary before she came clean to Tom, but she didn't know how to reach him.
 She knew wich hotel he was living at, but not his room number and she didn't know if he checked in under his own name, he might allso be on set today.
 But as she had no other possibilities she walked to his hotel and went to the counter. "Hi I am looking for Zachary Levi, but I don't have his room number".
 The day manager looked at her, like he was deciding if she was just a ballsy fan, but then he smiled. "And who may I say it is ?"
 "Anna Davies" she said, watching as he picked up the phone, making a call, it took a little while before he answered, and she got scared he wasn't in.
 "Mr Levi ? I got a young lady asking for you, a Anna Davies, yes Sir, of course Sir". He finis the call.
 "Mr Levi is expecting you, it is room 315". The day manager smiled knowingly, and Anna just thanked him, walking fast to the elevator.
 She pushed the button for the third floor, her stomach was doing flip flops, did Zachary know about the rumours ? What was she going to say to him ?
 The elevator opened and she spotted him right away, he was standing in the doorway waiting, his face unreadable. "I didn't expect for you to show up here Anna".
 "We have to talk Zac, can I come in ?" She looked at him, and he stepped aside for her to enter.
 He had clearly just come out of the shower, his hair was wet and combed back and his shirt was unbuttoned.
 There wasn't much room in the hotelroom hallway, and she had to get way to close to him to get inside, feeling the heat from his bare chest.
 He closed the door and turned tomgace her, his arms crossed in front of him. "What do you want Anna ?"
 "I take it you haven't been online the last couple of days, or talked to someone who has been ?" She asked, it hurt to se him so defencive and repellent toward her.
 "No I haven't had the time, why Anna, is something wrong ?" He asked. She pulled out her phone and opened one of the articles with most pictures, handing it to him
 He took it and read what was on the screen, the he handed it back to her. "Fuck, this is not good, and let me guess, it is not the only article ?"
 Anna shhokmher head slowly, looking up at him. "Nope, itbis pretty much all over the internet".
 "I am so sorry Anna, what is Tom saying to all this ?" He was rubbing his face, looking frustrated.
 She shook her head again. "Tom doesn't know yet, or I don't think he know anyway, I needed to talk to you first, I don't know how he is going to react".
 "I can explain to him that it is all a misunderstanding, and if he doesn't believe it I tell him itbwas all me, I came on to you but you turned me down, let him hare me". He was looking directly at her for the first time since she arrived.
 "Zac I wont let you take the blame, it was as much my fault, I don't know what is happening to me". She was biting her lip.
 He sighted and grabbed her hand. "It is okay Anna, you made it very clear that you love Tom, and that you do not want to jeopardise your relationship, I respect that".
 She squeezed his hand gently. "I am sorry to have put you in this situation, I am not usually like that, I don't what it is you do to me".
 "It is not like I usually hit on my friends girlsfriends, I believe it is you doing something to me". He said with a half smile.
 Anna took a deep breath, she might losse Tom forever when he found out, what was she to do ? She felt the tears starting to pool in her eyes and fall down her cheeks.
 "Oh Anna, please don't cry, it is going to be alright". Zachary pulled her into his arms, holding her gently.
She snuggled up to him and just let her fear and hurt out, he was stroging her hair, rocking her gently, whispering soothing words.
 After some time it kind of dawned on her that she was pressed against his bare chest, one of her hands on his stomach, the other on the lower of his back.
 Anna knew this was the time to pull away, but his warm spicy scent was making her head spin and her breathing was getting shallow. Zachary didn't seem to notice, he just keept talking to her, bowing his head to kiss her hair.
 She tried closing her eyes to break his spell on her, to focus, but it felt like it just intensified the scent and feel of him and without thinking her hand started caressing his stomach, playing with the dark hair below his navel.
 "Anna what are you doing ?" He sounded confused and she lifted her head, her eyes dark with bottled up longing, then she grabbed him around the neck, pulling him down to her mouth, kissing him fiercely.

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