On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


37. Shopping for dresses

Half an hour later the girls sat in a black mercedes town car, wich had made Anna shake her head at Tom, they didn't need a chauffeur, the could have taken the tube.
 "I think it is so annoying that he do not want to tell who you mystery date is". Anna said looking at Tracy.
 Tom would only tell that he had gotten Tracy a blind date, who didn't have anyone to use his spare ticket on, but he wouldn't say who it was.
 Tracy shrugged. "Probably some very old producer, but I don't care, I get to go to the premier, so I will be happy to support the old fart on the red carpet".
 They both laughed, Anna was so happy that Tracy would have a change to experience it and she would have her as support.
 The chauffeur opened their door in front of a huge building. "Welcome to Harrods my ladies, Mr Hiddleston has arranged for a personal shopper, just go to the desk on the third floor".
 They thanked the chauffeur and went through the big glass doors. Anna hissed through her teeth. "This he was to chicken to tell about".
 "Who can blame him ? Relax Anna and let the poor guy spoil you a bit, there is clearly nothing he won't give you". Tracy said dreamily.
 Anna sighed. "But all I want is him, and I do not wish for anyone to think I am after his money".
 They went to the third floor and up the desk saying personal shopper, there was a very well dressed middle-aged woman behind it.
 Anna went up to her. "Uh I think we have an apointment, or so we have been told, my name is Anna Corbyn".
 The lady sent her a friendly smile on wrote something on the computer. "Yes of course, Mr Hiddleston called to make an apointment, let me get Laura for you".
 She went through a door and two minutes later she was back with a younger woman, the type that made Anna feel inadequate, perfectly dressed, perfect hair and make-up and a perfect manicure.
 "Welcome I am Laura and I am going to help you find the perfekt dresses today". She smiled friendly and shooke their hands.
 They presented themselves and Lauras smile and friendliness, made Anna forget her first impression of her.
 They were shown into a private dressing room, it had a changing room, a podium, a soft couch and a mirror wall. They got champagne and Laura asked about what they were looking for.
 After they had explained and Laura had asked them a lot of questions, she called in an assistant and told her what to get.
 They chatted with Laura while waiting for the assistant to return about 10 min later whit a rack of cocktail dresses.
 Laura picked out one, and confidently handed it to Tracy. "Try this, I think it is just right for you".
 They tried on several dresses and Anna ended up picking a tight fitting red one with silver leaves, it had a sweethart neckline and of the shoulder straps.
 Tracys dress was a deep royal blue, the wide straps extending all the way to the belt, it had a see through overlay and sleeves.
 They had a great time trying on the dresses and the time was flying. The assistant entered with a new rack with galla dresses on.
 After trying on what seemed like endless dresses and discussing about to much and to plain, Tracy ended up with a strapless emerald green dress with gold ribbons around the top. It matched her red hair and green eye perfectly.
 Anna choose a white drees, from the front it was quite simple with wide straps, but the back was see through with embroided flowers and the straps flowed down the back into kind af a train.
 The got some matching shoes and clutches and thanked Laura many times for her help, an assistant carried all the backs and boxes to the waiting car.
 The chauffeur drove them to at nice cafe, where that had a wonderful lunch. Then he drove them to oxford street for some window shopping.
 When they arrived at Toms house after a long but very nice day, Tom had a wonderful dinner ready for them. They looked in awe and sat down. "Did you really do all this by yourself ?"
 "Of course, but it is nothing special". He smiled happily and flushed quite a bit.
 They enjoyed the meal, both Anna and Tracy taking seconds. Tracy looked at Tom suspiciously. "Seriously either you are not human or else you have some big dark secret, nobody is this perfect at everything".
 They all laughed, but then Anna said seriously. "But it really is fantastic Tom, you are a great cook".
 "Thank you darling, I am just happy you like it". He said happily, cleaning out the table.
 They went to get their dresses to show them to Tom, except for Annas dress for the premiere, she wanted it to be a surprise.
 "You are both going to be outstandingly beautiful both evenings, you bought wonderful dresses". He was looking at Anna like he was most looking forward to getting her out of the dresses afterwards.
 They agreed to spend the evening relaxing with a movie, Tom told them to go pick out one, he just had to make a call to Luke.
 "What are you in the mood for Anna ? Drama, comedy or something romantic ?" Tracy were looking through Toms movie collection.
 Anna shrugged. "I don't really mind, but maybe something we haven't seen before".
 "Uh oh this one please, It was in the cinema while I was gone and it has only just came out on dvd, so haven't had a change to watch it". Tracy pulled  out a movie and threw it to Anna.
 It was War Horse, Anna hadn't seen it either, but she knew Tom was in it. "If it is okay with Tom, it's fine with me, I haven't seen it".
 "If what is okay with me ?" Tom walked into the tv room, looking at them quizzically.
 Anne held up the movie, it was still wrapped. She didn't know how he felt about watching himself. "None of us have seen it".
 "It's okay with me, I haven't seen it since the premiere". Tom flopped down onto the couch. Anna threw the dvd back to Tracy and sat beside Tom.
 Tracy put on the movie and sat down in the big armchair. "Uh Benedict Cumberbatch is in it to, he is so hot".
 "I must make a note to tell him you said so or maybe not, I am not sure he can handle it, he might get to big a head". Tom said grinning.
 Tracy blushed. "Oh dahm, I forgot you two are friends, its no fun watching movies with you, when you know all the hot guys in them, makes it hard to drool about them".
 "Or when they actually sits next to you". Anna said, winking at Tom. He smiled back and pulled her closer, she snuggled up to him, pulling her feet up on the couch.
 They didn't talk much while watching the start of the movie, when Tom died, Anna started to cry , she hadn't expected it to affect her so much, it was just a movie after all.
 Tom gently stroked her hair. "Don't worry love, I am right here, and I have no plans on riding of to war".
 She pushed him playfully, smiling while she dried of the tears. "It is just a sad movie and I feel so sorry for the poor horse".
 "Ah so it is the horse you are sad about and not the handsome young captain at all ?" He tickled her and she tried to get away screaming.
 "Hey lovebirds, please be quiet during the movie". Tracy scolded them, but she started laughing, when Tom stuck out his tongue at her.
 Anna was just glad he had stopped trickleling her, she hated it. They watched the rest of the movie in silence and went to bed early, looking forward to the adventurers Tom had promised the next day.


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